Why Are The Moms Of Today Opting For Wooden Toys

Play is the work of childhood, it is the highest form of research. It enables a child to connect the elements from the environment and build himself physically, cognitively, psychological and emotionally. Toys make a child’s best companion as he progresses on the path of development. There is nothing more rewarding for a parent to watch a child grow and develop each passing day. And so we the parents of today pour in deep thought and money before we buy toys for our kids. In this era, as we surrender to the iPads and iPhones, there are a variety of educational toys available that will not only keep the child engaged but aid his developmental process.

Wooden toys

The current favourite among the parents and teachers are toys made out of wood. Here are five reasons why I think wooden toys are a perfect choice for infants, toddlers and preschoolers :

#1 They are safe

One of the prime reasons why wooden toys are best is because they are safe. They are made of material derived from nature. The first thing your infant or toddler would do with a toy is taste it. You cannot completely avoid this natural responsive behaviour of kids. With wooden toys your child is not at the risk of eating chemicals and harmful toxins. Also wooden toys are less likely to break, reducing the danger of broken pieces, sharp edges that may hurt a child. It feels a lot more safer when my son plays with his wooden toys.

#2 They are durable

Wooden toys are a lot stronger than the other materials. Throw them, bite them, chew them, they are good as new. There may be cheaper plastic toys available in the market but when we compare the cost incurred in repeatedly buying toys the durable ones turn out to be an economical option. I have bought a lot of variety of toys for my son and I can say without a doubt the wooden ones are an investment.

#3 They are environmental friendly

Wood can be subjected to recycling unlike plastic. So by offering wooden toys we are contributing to preventing the environment from further degradation. This also acts as a life lesson for our children to use alternatives that are favoured by our Mother Earth. So when I ask my son not to use plastic bags, I must set an example by refraining from using non environmental materials at home.

#4 They are open-ended

Wooden toys allow a child to use their imagination and creatively. A simple set of wooden bricks can be interpreted into different things by a child. Wooden toys assist a child in learning through touch and exploration. My son uses his wooden abacus to count the beads to sort them into part, to identify colours or to simply drag it like a car.

Wooden toys

#5 They are timeless

A wooden xylophone that my child uses today, will continue to excite him for several more years. The joy can be treasured for years and will still be completely functional and equally entertaining.

#6 They are educational

Most wooden toys have an educational base. They are blocks, stackers, puzzles, boards, bricks etc that allow a child to learn as he plays. My son uses his wooden toys to learn different concepts in a fun play-way.

Wooden toys

A set of stackers allows him to play and learn in more than one way. The idea of balancing was introduced to him through these stackers. When he manages to balancing e a few of them, he experiences the joy of creating.

I, as a mom, am biased towards wooden toys. They are my preffered chocie over plastic, metal or battery operated toys.

Trinkets And More

The wooden xylophone and a set of stacker owls you saw in this post were sent to us by Trinkets and More. The wooden abacsus is also available on their online store. Both my son and I love how entertaining, educative and fun these toys are.

About Trinkets and More

“After the return of our founders from Germany (renowned for German quality), the lack of world class (safe, high-quality and robust) products in India has given birth to the idea. With guiding principle – “No compromise on the quality for price when it comes to our little ones!”. The enriching journey of Trinkets & More started. Mission – Deliver child safe and amazing quality at affordable prices enhanced by world class service. Our Portfolio would start with toys, followed by baby products, apparel and footwear. There should be no need to look beyond “Kids Wow Store” when it comes to high-quality products.

Toys and Games – Let your kids play & learn with timeless products, that educate and enrich in a way that’s as natural as playtime itself. Educate Entertain and Engage are the values we live.”

Wooden toys are a timeless investinent. If only you have experienced them you’d know why we love them.

You can learn more about Trinkets and more and also place an order for age appropriate toys for your child on their website.


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