when should I have a baby?

Thinking of having a baby?


Having a cute little addition to the family can be quite overwhelming, especially, for new parents.

Here is a list of questions you must ask yourself before you and your spouse mutually decide to say, “We Do”

1. Do WE want a baby?

The decision to have a baby has to be of the couple. Ask if the two of you really want to have a baby, or is it influenced by external factors like family pressure, you think the biological clock is ticking or even thoughts like ” all my friends are having a baby”.

You surely do not want any regrets later because eventually its you who are going to be changing nappies and having sleepless nights and not the distant aunt who influenced you to have a baby. Nonetheless, its the two of you who will enjoy the perks too.

2. Am I ready to be a parent?

You must introspect if your mind, body and soul are ready to have a baby.

Becoming a parent would need you to be extremely patient, strong , forgiving, determined and Sacrificing. Prepare yourself for the same.

Do a good research well in advance to prepare for parenthood. Achieve the ideal weight, quit smoking , ditch that drink at the party, enroll for parenting and prenatal courses, etc. Being well prepared always helps especially while taking a life altering decision like having a baby! So ask yourself are you baby ready?

3. Are we financially ready?

Having a baby in today’s world can be quite expensive. With so many attractive options available for kids products and services, your expenses are going to shoot up a lot more than u expected. Discuss the finances with your partner and get the money matters sorted.

4. Have we spent enough time together as a couple?

Having a baby would mean lesser time with your partner. So before you decide to become a team of three or more, make sure you have spent enough time with your partner. So plan the candle light dinners, late night parties, movies , road trips and all the other things you would like to do as a couple before you jump into the world of parenthood and devote your couple time to baby time.

5. What would I want my life to be like with my baby?

Ask yourself this question and create the most beautiful vision of how your life would be in a few months. Hold on to that heavenly thought and watch it come real..

Happy parenting 🙂 🙂

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