What were my pregnancy scans like?

I started to feel my baby movements around 18 weeks of pregnancy. Until then my pregnancy sonograms connected me to my baby very strongly. Each scan was done by the doctor to examine the well being of my pregnancy. But it served a whole different purpose for me.
what is a pregnancy ultrasound?
Pregnancy ultrasound is a procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to scan a woman’s abdomen and pelvic cavity, creating a picture of the baby and placenta.
My first ultrasound
After my UPT was detected positive, I visited my gynaecologist. He said he would do a scan. I laid on a table with a screen on top while he prepared his machine for the scan. It was  a trans-vaginal scan. In a span of few minutes the screen on top showed black and white images. The doctor pointed out to a small dot and said that is the foetus.
I found myself constantly staring at that image. I felt butterflies in my stomach. That little foetus the doctor spoke about was my Baby. From that very moment I started to feel the existence of a pure soul within me. I felt completely different about myself from just how I felt the previous few minutes. I knew this joy was here to stay. I pulled myself back to what the doctor was saying. I was desperate to hear him say my baby was perfectly healthy and he said just that.
I could have never thanked technology enough. Even tough the images were taken not to make souvenir for my baby album but for medical reasons, for me that scan allowed me the first glimpse of my baby.

Anatomy scan

The next scan was scheduled for the beginning of the second trimester. I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive. And as it did, I experienced contrasting feelings. I felt excited but daunted. I was curious but nervous. I was waiting to see my baby, I hoped and prayed he would be just fine and having a good time in there.
My husband and I proceeded to the ultrasound room. I laid down on the table, the doctor applied a cold gel on my tummy, placed the transducer on it and there came my angel on the screen.
He didn’t look like a dot anymore, he looked just how i visualised him to. His cute little hands, tiny legs and handsome face. My love hormone was at its epitome. The doctor kept describing while he checked his face, hands, legs, measured his head and spine.
Just then I glanced at my husband and saw him smiling ear to ear while he looked at our cutie. I always thought I loved my husband beyond expressions, but that very moment I fell in love with the father of my child and I loved him so much more.
It was extremely reassuring to hear everything was smooth sailing and healthy about my pregnancy. I kept looking at the sonogram for days after that and I still do.


Anomaly scan

Anomaly scan was done around mid pregnancy. This was a 3D scan that allowed a very clear and in depth look at the baby in the womb. I felt the same jitters inside me. I felt extremely nervous.  I knew i wouldn’t be at ease unless i heard from the doctor everything was fine.
Finally, the procedure began and i heaved a sigh of relief as i saw my baby. He had grown taller and broader since i last saw him. I felt a sense of high, i felt awesome about myself for nurturing him. Since he was now bigger, he appeared on the screen partially. We were able to see half of him at once. The doctor did an dept analysis of his hands, legs, feet, arms and face. He examined his kidneys, heart, head and spine.
It made me calm within to know everything appeared normal.
My husband noticed his movements and said he was dancing inside. He was a true Punjabi, doing Bhangra even in the womb.
The doctor then switched to 4D mode on his machine. This made the baby appear on screen in human. I couldn’t wait for the day when i would hold my baby. I wanted that little cutie in my arms immediately.
Memories of that will be cherished by me for as long as i live.


Growth Scan

Another scan was done 2 months after the anomaly scan. This time it wasn’t as detailed as the earlier ones but i was equally excited. The doctor quickly checked the water level and evaluated the baby. He baby now appeared big and ready to come to me. I could only see a portion of him on screen now. I waited in anticipation for my baby to finally be with me forever and ever.

As it is rightly said a woman must make the most of every experience during her pregnancy, These pregnancy scans provide one such memory building opportunity. It helped me Love myself and my little one even more  right from day one.

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