What is the most precious gift I can give my son?

Ever since I donned motherhood, I have been introduced to a side of me, I did not even know existed.
My heart and mind are constantly  at work to do the best for my child.
Should I give him fresh fruits or juices?
Should I rush to him  when he cries or allow him to soothe himself?
And a zillion such dilemmas conquer my thought process all day long.
But I have made up my mind to focus on the bigger picture and present the most precious gift to my son for as long as I live.
I may make wrong decisions some days, but I ought to always and always  LOVE him unconditionally, irrevocably, selflessly, ethically, sincerely, ceaselessly, gloriously, devotedly, passionately and in so many other ways that he teaches me.

Would my love suffice being the most precious gift?

If I love him…. I would against all odds dedicate my time to him. In this world where everyone is on the go, time is what a child really needs. In this world of likes, comments and shares, I choose him. I ought to put my phone away, give Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messenger a break and spend my time playing with him instead of some gadgets. My love makes me prioritise him over other chores. My love makes me an super task manager to accomplish routine chores and take time off for him.
Today as a grown up I do not remember the toys my parents bought me, I remember my dad told me stories at bedtime. I remember my evening play times, market visits and reading with my mom.

If I love him… I would leave no stone unturned to make him virtuous. Today when the good old virtues seem left behind, my love for him makes me transform myself into a person I want him to be.

I ought  to be hopeful, content, happy, honest, just, generous, determined, positive, faithful and curious. What I am today, he would be tomorrow because he mirrors me.

If I love him… I love my husband even more. I have always loved my husband. The love for my son makes the bond even stronger. I ought to be loyal and faithful  to my husband so my son cherishes his family time. I ought to respect my husband, dedicate my mind, heart and soul  to him.

If I love him… I express it too. A child never grows up for his mom. So I say ‘I love you’ as often as possible, I hug and kiss, my lap and arms are his residence when he wishes. I do this so he is always surrounded by love. I ought to find plenty of ways to express my love so he feels cherished and loved.

If I love him… I would do what in my opinion is right for his optimum growth and well being. So if I follow a healthy diet pattern for him, ditch the junk most of the times its because I love him.
If I step back and allow him to do his unfinished work, is because I want him to be independent.

If I discipline him is because I love him.

I look for opportunities to provide diverse experiences to him because i love him.

I walk around in a mall or the streets talking constantly to my 9 months old because I love him.

I give him room to make mistakes and learn is because I love him.

I pray to God with him and for him because I love him.

I encourage, appreciate and assist him for all his tasks because I love him.

I do more research than CID because I love him.

I watch my words and tone even when I am burning with anger within because I love him.

I am proud of him because I love him.

And I know my love is pure, when I see the same into my mother’s eyes for me.

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  1. Wonderful post Jasmeet!!! I was nodding reading every word you wrote! You are a wonderful mom! I have to learn to keep away the phone when my daughter is around. Thanks for writing.

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