What is in my Travel Make Up Kit

What is in my Travel Make Up Kit

Ever since I became a mom, I have lusted vacations and travel more than ever before. Traveling with a toddler may have its share of prerequisites and oodles of extra care and preparations  involved. But it’s worth every effort one takes.
Whether you decide to drive, take a train or jet away far off, there are no two aways about the fact that traveling (especially with a baby) can be stressful. Trying to look and feel good in spite of the arid environment or scorching heat can be quite a task. And needless to say mommy has very little time to indulge in self care or extravagant routines. A perfect combination of beauty, skin care and make up products help me feel like a diva. I like to let my hair down on a holiday but also I love to look a bit more glam occasionally.
In this post, I share with you beauty arsenals that hop into my travel bag before anything else does. I always like to keep my traveling make up kit minimalistic with bare essentials to help me travel light.
Here is my traveling make up kit checklist :
* Cleanser, toner and a moisturizer: These are the most under rated but the biggest game changing products in your travel make up kit. A clean and well moisturized face makes you feel fresh and look pretty instantly.
* Sunblock : One can just never brag enough about this product. It is a savior when traveling. My personal favorite is the Amway Artistry Hydrating lotion with UVB and UVA protection.
* Foundation: I absolutely love my Bobbi Brown stick foundation that glams up my face with a few swatches.
* Concealer: Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer in shade light is my absolute favorite.
* Eye make up essentials –  I like to keep my eyes simple while traveling. A shimmer eye shadow and winged eye liner add the needed glam for the night.  My bag consists of Maybelline Nudes eye shadow palette,  Maybelline Gel liner and NYC cityproof Mascara
* Eye brow pencil –  I don’t know if you would define an eye brow pencil an essential,  but I cannot do without it. I use The Body Shop brow definer in shade dark brown and love how natural it looks on my face.
* lipsticks – I am a bright lips person. My travel make up consists of shades of pink,  orange and red. You could add on a few Nudes to my must have list of lip colors
Mac Retro Matte lipstick in shade Relentlessly Red AA5
Colorbar passionate 006
Chambor Powder Matte lipstick in shade Orange Flambe 167
I also carry Maybelline Baby lips candy wow in shade orange and peach for the day.
*powder Blush
* Eyelash curler
* Blush brush and eyeshadow brush
* Make up sharpener
* make up remover
Other Essentials
* hair brush
* cotton balls
* Tweezer
* Bobby pins,  safety pins
* Travel size face wash
* kiehl’s Midnight Recovery oil to repair my skin through the night
So,  this was my travel make up bag. I am not a kind of person who would pile on bronzers, highlighters, false lashes or go over the top with products. But I also believe in carrying enough to help me doll up according to my mood,  inspiration, time constraint and the weather for the day.
To all mommies, do take time out to pack in some make up and prettify the beautiful you.
Happy traveling:)

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