Top 5 Make Up Must Haves For Every New Mom

Top 5 Make Up Must Haves For Every New Mom

“Every mother is her own kind of extremely beautiful creation of God.”


Since I became a mom, this is what going out has been like for me

– take a shower
– give my baby a massage and shower
– get him ready
– pack his diaper bag
– cook for my baby
– pack his tiffin
– clean the mess
– finish up the impending household chores
Aaaahhhhh , and now get ready myself. While my husband nags me for always being late.
I have always been the kind of girl who would invest time in getting ready.
I did not like the idea of using motherhood as an excuse for looking unkempt and giving up on the little girl in me who thinks she looks pretty with pink lips.
That being said, being a new mom left me tired, exhausted and with very little time for myself. Looking fresh and well rested has been quite a challenge.
But I am ever so grateful to the cosmetic brands who came to my rescue.
Here I list 5 make up essentials for every new mommy to enhance the pretty her:

1. Bobbi Brown stick foundation

The Bobbibrown stick foundation tops my list because it accomplishes all my coverage needs. It saves me the hassle of using a tinted moisturizer and a concealor followed by a foundation. Just a few swatches over my face and I am good to go. It is an expensive product but has proved its worth to me.


2. MAC relentlessly red powder matte lip color

This lipstick stays on my lips almost the entire day, without reapplying even once. The color is so fresh and bright, matches with almost every outfit. This carrot shade lipstick adds an immediate glamour on my face. Since it is powder matt it dries out the lips a bit, so make sure you moisture and exfoliate your lips.


3. Maybelline The Nudes Palette

I am a big fan of bright lips and neutral eyes. This palate is an amazing blend of shimmer and matte shades. Whether it’s a casual occasion or a party, this palate has shades for both. I also use the black shade in this palette to fill my eyebrows when I am running short of time.


4. Maybelline gel eyeliner and Maybelline Volum Express colossal Mascara

This smudge proof gel liner glides on my eyes really quick. The colour is so intense and matte that it immediately brightens up my eyes. I use it as a kajal as well as a liner to finish up my make up as quick as possible. I have sworn by this product since my college days and it serves me best now as a new mommy. I follow the liner with a quick application of a mascara. The mascara doubles as a magic wand and pops up the tired eyes of a mommy.



5. Coconut oil

The last on my list is not a make up product. But because its my make up companion I had to mention it. I had heard almost everyone bragging about how beneficial coconut oil is, little did I know I will join the brigade soon after I start using it. I use it as a face moisturizer, body moisturizer, make up remover and also add it to home-made face packs. I am absolutely in love with my jar of organic coconut oil.



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