This Is Why I Believe Buying Expensive Clothes For Kids Is Redundant!

I envy moms with girls, because of the huge amount of options they have at the stores to doll up their little fairy. Nonetheless, I love dressing up my boy and I love shopping for him. However shopping for kids ain’t an easy task.

How did I learn smart shopping? – with experience and thousands of rupees worth mistakes.

Invest and Don’t Splurge

This is by far the most important factor to consider while buying clothes for kids. Buying overpriced clothes only digs a hole in your pocket. I say that with confidence because I learnt this the hard way.
Smart shopping would mean buying clothes that are comfortable, made of fabric that is apt for the whether (I cannot imagine dressing my son in any other fabric than cotton this summer), and looks trendy at the same time. Where can you find these? Fortunately there are a few brands that offer quality at good price.

Here are reasons why I believe shopping smart for kids is a mustΒ 
– kids outgrow their clothes really soon

I giveaway a bag full of clothes that don’t fit my son anymore almost every month. When that bag is full of expensive clothes, it does prick this millennial mamma’s heart. Kids outgrow their shoes and shirts at a rate that leaves us adults in awe. Buying clothes that are not very expensive would not hurt as much.
– kids are explorers

At this age a child’s curiosity and his quest to explore is his biggest source of learning. Digging a hole in the sand, getting filthy in the mud, messy play, painting and just learning to eat by themselves leads to stained clothes. Imagine, your baby came back home from school, with red paint all over his white crisp shirt that costed a bomb! Your heart would ache! And what if he was wearing a not-so-expensive yet cute looking tee to school, you would be inquisitive to know what fun it was painting in the classroom. Dressing them up in expensive clothes and then restricting their exploration wouldn’t be any good.
trends change faster than ever

In today’s world “trends” change every month. Buying expensive clothes that are trendy could lead to those clothes being added to the junk every soon as the trend changes. Investing in basics is a good idea.
– price does not necessarily guarantee quality and durability
Just because you bought a pair of designer jeans for your child, does not mean it is going to be comfortable or it is likely to last longer. Price does not dictate quality. Price sometimes includes all kinds of additional marketing expenses. Choosing clothes that are inexpensive yet made of child friendly fabric is a smart choice. In case these clothes don’t last long it won’t hurt as much.
Couture for kids is a huge market these days. With so much available, parents are vexed.
I prefer to stick to the basics and dress my boy in clothes that are comfortable, cute and not very expensive. Kids look adorable anyway, don’t they?



8 thoughts on “This Is Why I Believe Buying Expensive Clothes For Kids Is Redundant!

  1. So agree to you Jasmeet. We don’t need to actually splurge as within a month you will find that a particular cloth doesn’t fit anymore. It’s better to do smart shopping. Loved this posts.

  2. Agree in some respects, but then I splurge a lot on kids clothes. There is an age when kids have more casual wear. But as they grow, there are more and more birthday parties and outings etc. And when they become tweens, especially girls, they don’t want to repeat clothes too!

  3. Yes I totally relate to this !! They outgrow in no time !! And its always better to be a smart shopper than just splurge

  4. Gosh mama, another similarity in the way we think.. I could see myself throughout this post.. Though yes agree that I ensure my girls wear great looking clothes, but I would go spend a bomb on clothes… My girls share their clothes too and when they outgrow them, we share them with our helper.

  5. I agree. No point in investing too much in kids clothes especially when they are young. Once the size is fixed them it’s okay to spend some extra money on their clothing. For daily wear, I believe in comfort first.

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