This Is How I Tackled Postpartum Skin Problems


Pregnancy was one time in my life when I loved looking ‘fat’. I often ignored my pigmented skin, dark patches and stretch marks because I knew they were temporary and would fade postpartum. After my baby was born, blame it on the hormones but I felt like a different person emotionally as well as physically! The fat that I found cute began to bother me. I wanted the glow on my face, the sheen on my skin, the bounce in my hair back. I felt the urge to look the pretty me again.

Childbirth undoubtedly is the most exhilarating experience in a woman’s life. But it does take a toll her on her emotions and body. A little extra care and pampering for new moms is a must. After the birth of my baby, I experienced extreme dryness on my facial and body skin. The dryness led to itching which further resulted in rashes. New moms are also new at breastfeeding. While my son and I were still learning to master the perfect latch, I was left with chapped nipples and this added to my skin worries. The loose body skin with stretch marks made me feel under-confident. Sleepless nights with my baby aggravated the dark circles around my eyes. I was afraid to try over the counter creams or drugs because my body was still recovering and I was lactating.

The perfect solution to my skin worries, therefore, was to resort to nature to pamper me during this phase. Here are a few tricks every new mom must try:

1) Get a Regular Massage:
There has often been a debate whether new moms need a massage or not. I say go for it, mamma! Read more here 

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