Simple DIY Projects Every Mom Must Try


There’s just something fun about sewing stuff for little babies, isn’t there? Especially when the new born is a baby girl. Well, not being gender biased, but when it comes to dressing up, the world is a girl’s world.
Nevertheless, there are several accessories which look adorable on our little ones and don’t really depend much on the season. This means even if it’s harsh cold, or the hottest day of summer, you can really use them. Then again, what better way to get these accessories then to stitch it your own self. There are several DIY projects you can take up, out of which the easiest ones are listed below. All it would require is some time and basic materials.
P.S: If you are intimidated by the words “SEW” then let me be very honest with you over here. Sewing is something which is a part of motherhood and even if you are a beginner you will get a grip on it.  All it takes to master this skill is a sewing machine for beginners and the attitude to get things done. And trust me, once you get these both, you will be sewing big things for your little ones, in no time.
Wasting no time further, presenting you the Must-try DIY projects EVER :


Everyone is obsessed with little booties. They are cute to look at and give your little one happy-warm feet. The best part is, you can stitch them up yourself! All you would need is some fabric of great quality and padding.

Baby Bow Ties

Now this something which is not restricted to any age bracket. Your little man can be some months old or even 12 year old, Bow ties are a thing. And more than that, they are very easy to stitch. With some patterned fabric and fleece you are good to go.

Burp clothes

You need so many of them. And they are pretty easy to stitch. In case you are thinking of gifting something to the baby-expecting-couple, you can consider throwing in some of these as well. With bright colours and soft fabrics, you can make some of the most cute looking burp clothes for babies ever.

Animal hooded Towels

Why should babies and kids have fun ONLY when they have to go somewhere? Make bath times more interesting by introducing your little ones to self-made animal hooded towels. This looks complicated but requires only extra towels, hooded bathrobe and some basic stitching.

Easy baby Quilt

Last but certainly not the least, Quilts. Because all babies need to be wrapped in quilts, the best thing a mom can do is make them the best one. This is one of those articles which your baby is going to hang out with the most. With a good clean fabric, and some basic hemming, you can really make it comfortable for your child.

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