Review – Smaaash, Lower Parel

After hearing and reading contradicting reviews, I finally decided to visit Smaaash, a gaming paradise located in the gigantic compound of Kamala Mills, Lower Parel. A few say the place is expensive the others say it’s not worth the hype and a few others highly recommend it. I am going to share with you what it was like to be at Smaaash with my almost-two years old toddler.

I stepped in the Kamala Mills campus with little (almost no)expectations.

We visited the place on a holiday and it was bound to be crowded. While my baby and I were exploring the place, my husband spent almost thirty minutes in a queue to purchase the gaming card. He recharged the card with an amount of ₹5000 because he wanted to explore most of the activities that the place offered. (Also because we were four adults and one toddler who would use the card)

Experience with Virtual Reality

As I was exploring the gaming area the major attractions were games that use virtual reality technology to mesmerise you with an unusual gaming experience. As I got the card I hopped on the cockpit360. You are seated on a crane like machine with controls on both sides. With a quick brief I was all set to thwart the mission of the enemies. The head-gear and the controls make you feel like a fighter pilot. The visuals and the experience of being in the sky was as close to reality as you can imagine. (My son was petrified looking at me riding the fighter plane) Since this game has a maximum permissible weight limit of 80 kg, I was the only one from our group who could try this game and I am glad I weigh less. Priced at ₹300 this game is worth a try.


Another game we tried was vertigo walk the plank. You are walking on a narrow plank that is 50 feet high. The other games that use similar technology are flymax, finger coaster and magic carpet.

Sky Karting

Among the other games the most exciting and popular is their sky karting track. It is a well designed and an extremely well maintained multi level karting arena with electric karts. It is priced at ₹700 for 6 minutes and it is absolutely worth it.

Smaaash cricket

We are a family of blue blooded Indians who love cricket. Smaaash cricket is a 360 degree cricket simulator that offers an enriched playing experience. It is structured to make you feel like you are playing with the legends of cricket. It’s heaven for the ones who love cricket. The likes of me who prefer cheering, can laze on the couch, indulge in some beer and quick bites and play the role of excited spectators.


Trampoline Park

As I entered the trampoline park I thought I was accompanying my toddler there for him to jump around. But I only conclude now that you can have fun at that place irrespective of age.

Another major attraction at Smaaash is it’s paintball arena. I was told with the replicas of military guns like MP5 sub-machinegun, M16 assault rifles and M17 sniper rifles, they create the exact scenario of a warzone with competitions like Capture the Flag and Conquest. Unfortunately we could not try this one out as it was unfunctionl at the time of our visit.

There are a variety of other exciting games at Smaaash like the twilight bowling, super keeper, dodge ball, X 2 motor racing simulator, XD extreme threatre and many more.

To satisfy the hunger pangs you can rely on The Mighty Small Cafe inside the premises of Smaaash. Not the most delicious pasta but you can count on the place for some energy boosting nibbles to lift your gaming spirit.


For a day full of games, beer and food, you must visit Smaaah with your family and friends.


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