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If I could replace or omit one thing completely out of my son’s routine it would be screen time. I am the kind who is striving for absolutely No screen time instead of a limited one. The heart of the doting mom in me sinks when I see my son glued to the television screen. The same heart pumps with contentment and joy when the same pair of eyes are glued to a book.

Books are our preferred way to unwind. The benefits of reading to a child or introducing books to him at an early age go beyond mere literacy. Books help boost the imagination, co-relation and the ability of a child to comprehend diverse situations. It stimulates the brain and promotes the development of listening skills. One can rightly conclude (backed by research and surveys) that books are a child’s and a parent’s best friends.

What if that book was personalised to narrate a story of your family with your child as a hero? Well, then the book holds the potential of becoming your child’s bestest friend.

Fun Family Bookyboo

We received a personalised family book from bookyboo. This book is about Gunbir, my little boy, about his adventure trip into the jungle to find his lost parents. As the drama unfolds he meets different animals in the jungle who guide, support and help him find his parents. The story is engaging and captivating. My almost-two year old son, listens careful as I read to him a story with mamma, papa and Gunbir and lots of animals as the main characters.


The book manages to hold my toddler son’s attention as I talk about the different animals, the sounds they make, the food they eat and their other characteristics as I read the story. Hence the book is not just a fantastic narrative but allows you to teach various topics like – family, animals, jungle, relationships, and virtues like trust, loyalty, courage, determination and team work.

What I adore about my copy of  Bookyboo jungle book

– The best part about this book is that it is made for my little family. It can be customised for any family with one or two kids, twins and even for single parents.

– Every page has wide bright coloured panoramic illustrations that makes reading it fun even for a young child.

– The book is made of thick premium quality paper that is less likely to tear off easily.

– It allows Gunbir and I to spend quality time together.

– It aids vocabulary and language development.

Story behind Bookyboo

Hetal and Neeraj are a cute couple who absolutely adore their niece Vaani. Among other ways they express their love by pampering her with gifts. They were looking for an unusual yet perfect gift for her – quite a perplexing situation in today’s times of excess. They wanted to give her something meaningful, something she would cherish. They had noticed her increasing screen addiction and had tried to pull her away with books in the past – but to no avail.

That’s when they came up with an idea – of creating a personalized book for her which she simply couldn’t resist. They created a gripping story with Vaani as the hero, she loved it so much that it became her favourite book. And that’s how Bookyboo was born.

They started Bookyboo with a mission to create memories kids will treasure forever. So they constantly innovate to make personalised books for kids. The couple brings together cutting-edge technology, gripping stories, world-class illustrations and premium textured paper to create unbelievable variations which are the 1st ever in the world.

You can learn more about the Bookyboo, instantly preview your customised book and order you own copy for INR 1500  here

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