Review – My Name Quest (Personalized Story Book For Kids)

When I was growing up, I would jump with joy if I’d receive a personalised gift. Reading my name imprinted was enough to make me feel like a celebrity. But that’s now ancient! (yes, that reminds me, I am aging). Today one can conveniently  customise any and every thing and add a personal touch to it. I fondly customize and personalise my son’s clothes, bags, accessories and his books.

My little reader would pick a book over a toy and so when I learn of personalised books, I get excited like a school girl. I recently received one such book personalised for my son by My Name Quest. I have earlier bought quite a few personalised book for Gunbir, but the one by My Name Quest is more than just a book! It was delivered at our doorstep beautifully gift wrapped. And the package did not consist of only a book. In this post, I will be sharing all about my experience with My Name Quest

My Name Quest

What is in the treasure box ?

I call this not just a book, but a treasure box full of activities that would allow a child to extend his experience of reading to art and craft.

The personalised book is a part of a box that contains various goodies to engage and enthrall a reader. The box of treasure consists of :

1) A personalised story book about a boy named Gunbir who goes on a hunt to find the letters of his name. ( You don’t only personalise the main character of the story with he name and gender if your child, but also get to choose the colour of it’s outfit)

My Name Quest

2) A box of crayons – personalised with your child’s name

3) Fun facts and trivia cards with information about colours, animals and other elements related to the story

4) All things you would need to make a colourful name banner with your child

5) A chalk stick and the backside of the box can be used as a chalkboard

My Name Quest

The Outline Of Gunbir’s Story

By now you know that his book is about Gunbir and his name. The story is about Gunbir (or Your boy/girl ) who wakes up one morning to realise that he has lost all the letters of his name. But he is a brave boy and the situation does not frighten him. Armed with his box of crayons he heads on an adventure to get the letters back.

As Gunbir is on his adventure trip, he generously gives a colour to other beings, who in return give him a letter each. He patiently proceeds to collect all the letters back to make his name. At the end he celebrates his triumph.

My Name Quest

Why I Absolutely Love My Name Quest

• As mentioned earlier, My Name Quest is not just a book but an activity box for children. The activities are related to the story to co relate the experiences in a fun manner.

• My Name Quest is also a colouring book in itself. The colouring activity is related to the story too. For instance, Gunbir colours the cactii plants green, who later decide to give him the letter G from G-R-E-E-N

My Name Quest


• The book makes an exceptional leaning tool for a child. He learns to appreciate virtues like kindness, generosity, helping and caring for others. This book also helps reinforce concepts like colours, animals and letters.

• The story stimulates the mind of a child and allows him to imagine and takes him to another world of fantasy.

• The book is meant for kids above the age of three, but my little over two years son has had as much fun reading and colouring it.

My Experience 

I introduce a new book to Gunbir gradually and allow him to accept it before I introduce another one. When I offered this one to him for the first time, he was excited at the first glimpse of it. The colourful pages and his own name when I read the first page managed to excite him.

As we read the book, two pages a day for the rest of the week, he was captivated by the story.  We also did activities like making our own DIY name banner and pasting it in the room. He now points out at the banners and reads G-U-N-B-I-R several times a day. Being able to colour appropriately is slightly difficult for him ah this age, but he scribbles the perfect colour on every page.

My Name Quest

We have had a fantastic time reading our own personalised copy of My Name Quest.

In my opinion this is a perfect gift you could give to your kids on any occasion. With  Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, this would make a perfect gift for young siblings.

Check more details and place and order for your won copy at –

Priced at – ₹1450 

Ships worldwide

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  1. Thanks for sharing the details of the book. It’s wonderful that they have introduced the crayons, trivia cards et al along with the story book. I remember I got it for my nieces about a year and half back. It was just the book and they loved it !!!

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