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To be mommies are treated like princesses not only by their family and friends, but also by acquaintances. Given a chance I would want to hop on a time machine and go back to that phase of my life. I was treated with oodles of love, care, concern and pampering during my pregnancy. But soon after the baby arrives the focus shifts to the new baby and the new mommy is often forgotten. In my opinion, a mom needs more love, care and attention after the arrival of the baby. Keeping in view the needs of pregnant & new moms, Himalaya has launched a new range of products for Moms. I have used Himalaya baby products and loved them for their natural and gentle nature. A range of products with a blend of natural ingredients would be ideal for new moms.
An important routine that aids postpartum recovery is body massage for moms. I began a gentle massage routine around a week after my C section surgery. New moms are advised to opt for gentle body massage post-delivery because –

– It tones and relaxes the muscles

– Relives cramps, aches and pains

– Allows the mother to relax

– Relieves anxiety, tension and stress

– Smoothens the skin texture

– Promotes sleep

Himalaya FOR MOMS has launched a Toning Massage Oil for moms to enhance the massage experience. In this post I share with you what I think of the Himalaya for Moms Toning Massage Oil



The Toning massage oil claims to tone and relax the body muscles. It’s an unique amalgamation of natural and herbal ingredients that improves overall muscle and skin health during and after pregnancy. The lavender fragrance of the oil tends to calm and soothe the mind.

Key Ingredients

Sesame Oil

is considered the most superior oil in Ayurveda for its skin firming properties. It moisturizes and soothes the skin, thus preventing it from dryness and infections. Its natural Vitamin E content is an emollient and antioxidant.

Country Mallow

Also known as Bala in Ayurveda, helps to improve muscle and joint strength.

Winter Cherry

Soothes and calms the skin and reduces stress with its rejuvenating and skin-conditioning properties.

Aloe Vera

Heals wounds and soothes the skin.



The oil is packed in a plastic, cylindrical, tall bottle. The bottle is white and green in color, like most Himalaya products. The bottle is handy and the lid cover is leak proof.

Price and Availability

Although this product is recently launched, it is easily available in general stores, super markets, chemists and several online portals.
The oil is available in two sizes
200 ML costs 200 INR
500 ML costs 400 INR

My experience

I have been using the oil to massage my hands and legs before bathing, sometimes before bed time. The texture of the oil is smooth and slightly runny. It spreads out on the body easily making it very comfortable for a massage. The oil is transparent and does not completely absorb into the skin. It leaves a thin shinny and not very sticky layer on the skin after a massage. I like the fragrance of the oil as opposed to other Ayurvedic oils which have a pungent odor.


My Verdict

After my delivery, I started off a massage with coconut oil, which lead to rashes, itchiness and redness. I had to then use a baby massage oil. Himalaya FOR MOMS toning massage oil has worked well for my sensitive skin not causing any irregularities. It does have a very soothing and relaxing effect on the mind and body. It can be used during pregnancy or any time later for a relaxing massage.


4.5 / 5

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