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Baby Wipes have been a necessity for me, since the birth of my baby till today. I have essentially used them for cleansing my baby’s bottoms during a diaper change. But they have served me more than just that. With a toddler, who toddles around in mud, or manages to get grime all over him, baby Wipes help me give him a quick clean up. Whether traveling or at home baby Wipes is a must have product for me. In this post, I share with you what I think of Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes


Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes claim to be a natural blend of ingredients to gently cleanse and moisturize the baby’s soft and sensitive skin. The unique combination of lotus and aloe vera claim to be gentle on the baby’s skin keeping it bacteria free throughout the day. The baby wipes are clinically tested to have a skin friendly PH balance. The baby wipes are free from alcohol or any other chemicals.

Key Ingredients

Himalaya is a brand I trust for its herbal and natural choice of ingredients. The Himalaya gentle baby wipes contain

Aloe Vera – often used in a host of dermatological remedies, is a natural skin soother. The plant extract leaves baby’s skin feeling fresh and moisturized.
Indian Lotus –  contains natural conditioning agents, which keep baby’s skin soft and supple.


Himalaya gentle baby wipes are packed in a typical plastic packet, with a flap that can be resealed. Though the flap becomes a bit less adhesive over time, one tip that really helps me keeping the Wipes fresh is storing the packet upside down.

Texture and fragrance

Each sheet measures 15 X 21 cm. The texture of the wipe is soft, and smooth. I find the fragrance a bit too strong. This holds me back from using the Wipes anywhere close to my baby’s face.

Price and Availability

The Himalaya baby wipes are easily available at any General store, chemist or baby store. They are easily available on several online shopping portals. Himalaya Gentle baby wipes are available in three sizes.

12 sheets for INR 40
24 sheets for INR 75
72 sheets for INR 175

My experience

Himalaya Gentle baby wipes have been an absolute convenience for me. They are handy and easy to use. They have the right amount of moisture to wipe off all the dirt from the baby’s skin. The Wipes are not too soapy and do not leave behind any liquid or soap after use. They have been a multi-purpose product in my travel bag for my baby and me. It does fulfill its claim of being gentle on baby’s skin. It hasn’t caused any allergy or rash on my baby’s skin. I often use it to clean my baby’s skin before bedtime. It leaves his skin clean, moisturized and fragrant. This is one of the products I borrow from my baby. When on the go, baby wipes help me quickly cleanse my face and leave my skin looking fresh.


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  1. I found Himalaya baby wipes too soapy and heavily scented for babies..the fact is babies don’t need too soapy and heavily scented wipes..used Mother Sparsh waterwipes and found them as the best baby wipes available in the market..the best part is these are water based wipes..would recommend mother sparsh water wipes over Himalaya or even Huggies…

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