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Today is a time when we’d prefer every product or service to be personalised and customised to suit us best. What if a lady was offered a personalised range of skin care products? What more could she have asked for from a cosmetic brand.
Being a skin care fanatic, I always look for products that would cater to my skin concerns and would work for my skin type. But being able to choose from a broad spectrum has always been a tough choice to make.

So when I stumbled upon Freshistry – a brand that allows you to customise your own beauty and hair product, I was intrigued by the abstraction itself.

About a month ago, I placed an order on their website to ‘freshly brew’ a cream for ME.

How I made My Own Freshy

The brand has four core products to offer – cream, hair cleanser, lotion and a face cleanser.

I decided to pamper myself with a freshly brewed cream. ( The products are called freshys because they are freshly prepared )

Having choosen what I wanted, I was asked to customise my product in a five-step process:

1) choose my skin type

2) choose a base for my product – Since I have dry skin that is prone to acne, I chose body whip that would be a combination of cream and gel.

3) Choose the herbs according to my skin concerns – The next step was to choose herbs depending upon my skin goals. The website displayed a list of herbs to choose from along with their benefits for your skin. Basil is my personal favourite and so I chose the same to be added to my cream.

At this step you can choose to get a fresh potion of another herb for an additional cost of ₹50. You would recieve this potion as a hydrosol in a separate bottle. You can add about two to three drops of this hydrosol to your cream before application. This way you get the goodness of two herbs in one cream. I was tempted to add another herb and I chose Lemongrass for the same.

4) tinge of the packaging – In the next step I could choose what color I would want my cream to be. I choose a tinge closest to my favourite colour pink.

5) Fragrance – Next, I was asked to choose a fragrance for my freshy. I choose summer fresh mint.

The wholesome experience of preoarimg my own cream was exciting and fun. I chose every ingredient and detail of my freshy with my preferences in place. Just how you would make your own cup of coffee, with the right amount of milk, the perfect kind of sweet and just as strong as you like it.

Within four to five days the courier from freshistry arrived at my doorstep.


I was truly impressed with how the product reached me. It was safely packed in a cardboard box. Inside the box was my freshy, wrapped in a cute pouch. It was not only the cream that was customised for me, but also it’s bottle. The jar had my name written on it. The box also contained a little note for me. I was blowing over by how the product looked even before I used it.


My Experience:

When I opened my jar of body whip it was divided into cream and gel. I was a tad confused and dropped a message to the team. They explained in brief how to use the cream I had ordered. They were patient enough to answer my silly queries.

I was expected to mix the cream and gel before use. I could take the desired amount on my palm add a few drops of my lemongrass hydrosol, mix it well and apply it all over my face. Ever since that was clarified, I have been using my freshly made body whip everyday on my face and hands.

Freshy has a creamy texture similar to that of fresh cream. It easily absorbs into my skin and leaves and dewy glow on my face. I have been using it for a month now, and it has worked at hydrating my dry skin.

What I Like About My Freshy

– I love how it is customised for me. Each time I use the product, I feel like it’s meant for me.

– My freshy is not loaded with chemicals. It is made of natural herbs and ingredients.

– It is creamy and does not have a very harsh fragrance. It only has a mild and soothing aroma of mint.

– It is very reasonably priced

– I love how one can easily contact the team and clarify any doubt.

What I did not like about it?

Me being me, how could I have not liked a freshly made cream to pamper my skin. This one does not only look good but works well too.



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