Review – Big Cupcakes Kit By Bake Me India

The only time I tried my hand at baking was after I got married and my husband insisted I must bake a cake just like his mom did. And the cake turned out to be as hard as chikki and dark as mud. But I was secretly glad that I was able to convince my husband that I am differently skilled. Three years later, a mamma dropped me an email about her brainchild of offering baking kits for kids. Trust me when I say, I took a couple of days to reply to that email. I was skeptic, but the idea of baking with my family was exciting enough to give this one a try.

Review Bake Me India

Bake Me India

Bake Me India offers baking kits that put together everything you would need to prepare one particular recipe – except the oven and wet ingredients like water, milk, oil, eggs etc. Bake Me India has eight different types of baking kits and each one is fully equipped with all the ingredients, recipe instructions and a step by step guide. They also offer subscription for a period of three, six and twelve months.

The idea behind these baking kits is to simplify baking for beginners. The recipe box consists of a cute chef hat and an apron for your child to experience the joy of baking. The kids can bake these under adult supervision. Why I love the idea is because – baking is a meaningful practical life skill that kids must experience.


The Prices range between ₹1499 to ₹1699 for one box
The subscription prices for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months  are ₹4,400, ₹8,000, ₹17,000 respectively.

You could learn more about the company and its products on their website by clicking here. You can also find Bake Me India on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Before I speak further about the kit and review it. I’d like to tell you that I know nothing about baking. All I knew then was it would involve measurements, fancy tools and equipments, whisking, mixing, methodologies and what not!

So when a baking kit by Bake Me India arrived I was overwhelmed and intimidated with the idea of baking again. I wanted my husband to be with us when we tried this for the first time. I know I make baking sound like rocket science, but I was truly nervous.

On my husband’s birthday, the three of us wanted to spend time together and staying in seemed like a better idea than heading outdoors. I confessed to my husband that I wanted to bake the cup cakes for his birthday, but was apprehensive and so he suggested we do it together. I pulled out the Bake Me India Big Chocolate Cup Cakes Kit and we were at it….

Review Bake Me India

What is inside the Baking Kit :

– Chocolate Cup Cake mix ( flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda measured and mixed in exact quantities that I would need for the recipe)

– Chocolate for Ghanache

– Castor sugar

– Vanilla essence

– Colourful sprinkles

– Paper muffin linners

– cards with instructions, recipes and measurements

Reusable Tools

– Spatula

– Silicon Cupcakes Mould

– Piping bag with nozzle

– Chef hat and apron

What I would need otherwise (apart from what was in the box )

– oven

– 1/2 cup milk

– 1/4 cup oil

– 1/2 cup boiled Water

– 1 egg

– mixing bowls

– Few spoons

– Handled blender/mixer (we had it at home, otherwise a whisker would suffice)

What is in the box

The Baking Process 

On the afternoon of my husband’s birthday, the three of us were geared up to bake cupcakes.

Our little boy was more excited than the two of us. He wore his chef hat and apron for a while as we began. The instruction leaflet has clear instructions about what I would need and how mcuh. That mad early it very convenient for me to get all ingredients ready in appropriate quantities.

We found it more convenient to bake in the living room to allow our two year old to become a part of the baking process. I arranged the bowls, ingredients and the other equipments in the living room. And what followed was a great dad and baby bonding that I’d call productive because it led to yummy desserts for us ME.

What I Loved  About The Whole Experience 

– I loved the fact that we spent some family time together. Being so aloof of baking I wouldn’t have thought of getting my son to trunk it. I am grateful to Bake Me India for making the process of baking so simple and so much fun.

– I like how the box comes with almost everything you would need for making your recipe. It like a big box of happiness.

– I like how the ingredients were packed in separate zip lock pouches.

– The step by step guide allowed someone like me to bake fearlessly and confidently. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said I am more confident to try baking another time now.

– The cupcake turned out to be scrumptious and we exhausted by us within a day.

– The checkered print muffin paper liners, colourful sprinklers and the cute decoration sticks made the cupcakes look gorgeous

What Could Have Been Better 

– MY husband’s birthday fell on a Tuesday,  and we avoid eating non vegetarian food on Tuesdays. An egg less recipe or an alternative to egg wound have made the baking process clear for us.  We did our google search and found the answer to what could be used instead of egg. But we were still unsure and continued to bake with egg and ate the cupcakes the following day.

– The box did not mention a use before date. Mentioning one would be a great, because it is an edible item.


If it can make me bake, it can make a child of nay age Bake. My two year old did it and when he finds that spatula in kitchen drawer he insists on baking again. I highly recommend trying this one out with your baby/babies.

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