Restaurant Review – Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Powai

Let me begin by telling you, inspite of being born and bought up in Amchi Mumbai, I had never really been to a quintessential Bombay Irani Cafe. And so when I got an opportunity to attend a food preview at recently launched Soda Bottle Opener Wala in Powai, I was stirred with excitement. This food preview was organised by an awesome community of like-minded mums called JAMMs.

My friends who have visited the outlet of the restaurant in Bandra Kurla Complex, always spoke eloquently of it. The praises and the apt name of the place, and of course an opportunity to connect with mothers like me had me clamouring to visit the place for a food preview.

Soda Bottle Opener Wala (SBOW) is now in Powai where Pizza Hut was for over a decade. Hirananadani in Powai is encompassed by multitudinous restaurants offering varied cuisines. SBOW is now the cheery that complete the creamy cake.

I was traveling from Navi Mumbai and reached the place without the help of the navigator. SBOW is located on the main road, opposite Powai Plaza.


I speak of the decor first because it blew me over way before I savoured the food. The quirky, colourful, bustling, unconventional, clustered decor of the cafe has a very happy and welcoming feel to it. The colourful lampshades, the scampering designs, the black and white photos of our city, the bar counter right at the center, the quirky set up and a humourous “rules of a Parsi cafe” board are electric and keep the eccentricity of a Bombay Irani Cafe in place.


The menu ( which had a sprinkling of humour ) had a variety of dishes to offer from the Parsi cuisine. All I needed first was a cooler to get my sanity back on an oddly hot afternoon. I ordered a raspberry soda based on staff’s recommendation. Coarse tangy raspberry in soda water made a perfect mocktail for a hot day.

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We decided to save ourselves the dithering and asked the chef to serve his favourites. What followed was a food riot to say the least!

What did I eat?


Chicken Farcha – golden fried chicken strips done in Parsi style served with dates chutney. (Highly recommend this one )

Kolmi fry – succulent prawns wrapped in onion rings, deep fired to crisp perfection

Onion rings – I am not very fond of kanda Bhajji, but these onion rings were crunchy and had a peculiar taste.

Chicken baida roti – rich flavoured chicken wrapped in egg layered wheat roti. A perfect roll that you would find on Bombay streets.

Salads – The were a variety of salads, my favourite out of which was the pineapple and cheese salad. A sinful yet a delicious indulgence.

Main Course

Kheema Pav – Minced mutton gravy served with Pav.

Berry pulao – a neat little mound of cooked rice (unmoulded from a bowl), topped with loads of blackcurrants, deep-fried sliced onions and fried cashewnuts, topped off with mint leaves. Only when you dig your spoon in, you find thick chicken gravy. This was a perfect blend of taste – it was sweet, spicy, nutty, crunchy, and bitter (because of the friend onions) at the same time. I am going to SBOW again and again to eat this pulao.

Dhansak – When you have come to eat Parsi food, how can one not try the authentic Dhansak. It was served in a steel tiffin with three separate compartments that contained rice, chicken gravy, and onion salad. The gravy was a blend of lentils cooked with meat and minimum spices to keep the taste simple yet delicious.

There is always room for dessert

I had already eaten a lot more than I would on a usual day. But that did not keep me away from tasting the traditional, freshly baked, aromatic desserts. I loved the chocolate mousse and the Mawa cake is the best I have had till today.

– the idiosyncrasies of the place is evitable in not just the decor and the menu but also in details like the table set up. The food is served in aluminium cake tins or dabbas.

– I have made up my mind to visit this place numerous times with my husband and friends because I love the the food and the ambience.

For a wholesome authentic Parsi dining experience visit

Soda Bottle Openerwala at Bandra Kurla Complex, Powai or Thane in Mumbai.

Cost – ₹1300 for two (approx.)

Open from noon till midnight

serves alcohol

But you are expected to follow the below mentioned rules



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  1. i am super fan of soda bottle opener wala…and go crazy with their food menu…Thanks for the review!!!!


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