Primed To Use Johnson’s Baby Again!

About a decade ago, when I was a little girl who loved babies, every baby had a peculiar aroma. That calming, soothing and mesmerizing fragrance would trigger a happy hormone in me. That aroma was of the Johnson’s Baby soap that was used in most Indian homes. Every baby in my big fat punjabi family grew up smelling that way. When it was about time for my baby to arrive in this world, I would often feel nostalgic and couldn’t wait to hold my own baby who would smell that way. BUT I had to hold back, I did not use any Johnson’s baby products! Why ? Because I was adviced by my sisters, friends and even acquaintances to refrain from using them.

There were speculations, controversies, and viral articles on the web warning against Johnson’s baby products. Since it was about my baby, I simply stayed away from the brand without even looking into what exactly was the reason for the hyped drama.

Two years later…

Babychakra, a community of Moms that believes in assisting the mom tribe in every way, invited me to be a part of a bloggers meet organised by them in association with Johnson’s Baby. I visioned this is an opportunity to know my favourite brand intimately and to mingle with the mom bloggers comrade.

Johnson’s Baby #Bestforbaby Meet By Babychakra

The #bestforbaby bloggers meet was held on the morning of May 8th, 2017 at Hyatt Regency, Andheri (Mumbai). The venue was set up in vibrant colours and a play area inside the room itself. This meet was not about, a representative from the brand bragging about how superlative the products are. It was about being able to decide for yourself.

– The event began with a short introduction about the science behind production of Johnson’s baby products.

– Later, we were divided into four teams, comprising ¬†of five moms each. We had already heard Johnson’s baby products are mild and made keeping in view the comfort and safety of a child. It was now that these facts were proven to us. This was done, not in a science classroom way but in a fun competitive way.

1) In the first competition we had to squeeze out as much water as possible out of a baby wipe. One being Johnson’s baby wipe and the other from another brand. Johnson’s baby wipes had almost double the water content compared to any other wipes. A mother would know how significant it is for the wipes to be moist and easy to use.

My expression in this picture says it all

2) In the second competition, we had to test the ph levels of solutions using litmus stripes. The litmus paper did not change its colour when dipped in Johnson’s baby wash. Whereas the strips dipped in hard water changed colour. This experiment helped us conclude the products are PH balanced.

3) In this one, we had to stain the clothes and wash them using the new Johnson’s baby detergent.

( PS – my team lost all the challenges, because we were so engrossed in performing the experiments that we neglected the competitive aspect of it. Yes! I envy the team that won hampers)

Moments Of Truth

After the competition, the dias was left open for moms to ask any questions they have, no matter how brutal or harsh they were. The mothers there took this as an opportunity to get their doubts clarified. There were questions like – why is it that the products abroad smell different? Do Johnson’s baby products cause cancer? Do they cause rashes? Why is the packaging different? Moms also shared their stories of why they prefer Johnson’s baby over other brands.

Over lunch, I got an opportunity to speak in person with the brand team and the mothers who have used the products. I had a wonderful time at this event, and left the venue with altered thoughts.

Johnson’s baby products are now are now a part of my baby care routine since a week. ( I received these products at the event, I have liked what I used) There still lies an essence of familiarity with these products.

I am glad I am a Johnson’s baby mamma again, are you? Have you been using Johnson’s baby?


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