My Parenting Mantras – My List Of Golden Rules

Parenting – I’d define it as the most vexing, daunting, challenging and yet the most rewarding journey in a human’s life. We have some awesome bloggers who are going to be sharing their parenting mantras for over a month.

Welcome aboard this blog train – My Parenting Mantra.

Parenting Mantra

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My Parenting Mantra 

The parent in me was born the day I learnt of my pregnancy. Ever since I have only evolved as a parent in the past three years. Amidst the 3 am wake up cry, the fifth toddler tantrum of the afternoon, the stained sheets, the messy home, the potty training, and the hustled life, it can be challenging to remember that parenthood is a blessing. So as I toddle through the bumpy ride of parenthood with my toddler what really matters is keep my perspective and vision intact and strictly in place.

And so I have laid down a few basic rules for myself as a mom, and I call them my parenting mantras:

Pause before you react

This is one rule that keeps me from reacting in a way, I am likely to feel guilty about later. Taking a moment to evaluate the situation helps make everybody’s day better. The child could have inverted the toy rack, he could have spilt his food, he could be crying uncontrollably to get an unreasonable demand fulfilled, but taking a moment before reacting turns that moment into a teachable one instead of a an outburst.

Respect and not compare

One golden rule of parenting for me is to accept and embrace a child’s individuality. The comparisons begin with simple things like height and weight at birth and turn more complex as a child grows. If my child does not  speak at two years of age, I’d better respect his developmental process than stress over other kids reciting poems at that age.

Love to my heart’s content and even beyond

No! I definitely don’t mean other moms don’t love their children or I don’t mean at all that I have to be reminded to love. But what I mean is, we love differently and I must express love fearlessly. Even if that means spoiling my child. Does too much love spoil? Is there a thing as too much love ?

Let a child be a child

I may encourage him to push his limits a bit further, I may imbibe moral values and ideal behaviour, but if I expected my child to behave like a mini adult I’d be unfair. I wow to let him grow at his pace and not miss out on these precious years of childhood trying to an adult.

Parenting mantra

Trust my instincts

To me all kind of parenting eventually zeros down to instincts. I know my child like no one does, so I must trust my parenting decisions and have faith in my child and myself.

Drop guilt

Parenthood makes guilt a mom’s middle name before we even realise it. If my child makes a demand and I fulfil it, I’d probably feel guilty about giving in and if I dint I’d feel guilty about being too hard on him. This being said a mom is capable to feeling guilty about anything and everything under the sun. My major mantra is to parent my child guilt free.

Be a YES parent

Saying yes to a child at all times, may not sound like the most favourable thing to do. But imagine being told – don’t do this, don’t touch that, no running, no jumping, no you can not have that, no no and a no always. I may have to use my tricks to not give in and avoid using negation in my language at the same time, but being positive is definitely going to work for both of us.

Forgive myself

I make mistakes, I sometimes fail miserably at this thing called parenting. But it’s an ongoing process and am going to make a zillion more mistakes, most often than not unintentionally. So when I think I have gone wrong, I must forgive myself and start afresh the soonest I can.

A compassionate hug will definitely work

Trying to rationalise with a toddler may not work, try a hug instead! No matter what the situation is, whether it’s me who has lost her mind or my child or the both of us, a hug would definitely work over anything else.

Parenting mantra

I may not be a perfect mom, but I am sure trying each day and every moment to Ben my own kind of a good mom. These are a few mantras that form base of parenting for me. Infact these have helped me overcome parenting challenges I often face.

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30 thoughts on “My Parenting Mantras – My List Of Golden Rules

  1. Such sane suggestions and yet so tough to practice. If only I’d be able to apply half of those I’d be a happy mom. I wish I were more of a ‘yes’ mom as also not compare and forgive myself. Sigh!

  2. Love your mantras! Totally with you on letting kids be kids! I always try to remind myself that they’re new here, and are just learning so many things for the first time!

  3. Love your mantras! I am working on the pause before react one! This has always been so hard for me and something that I believe definitely helps in the situation!

  4. Amazing posts Jasmeet.Few points mentioned by you really touched a chord in my heart. I try so hard to pause before I react. After a lot of effort now I have been able to control my reactions. Also, I am a yes Parent. I try and say yes to mosts of the things and when I want to say no also I say yes and manage the expectations of my girl in a particular manner that she doesn’t get hurt and also understands what is right for her. Parenting in the true sense is difficult. We all need to keep a sane head over our shoulders and manage our kids. Well written post.

  5. I swae by let child be a child!There are times when my parents have said Zuzu, is too young or crayons.I have gone one step ahead and given her water colours all because she enjoys them

  6. Wow loved reading this post.. those mantras are what we follow in our life too.. just that ‘pause before reacting’ is something that i strive to achieve…I’m sure all moms would enjoy this post as much as i did.

  7. i loved reading through your blog, Jass. It is such an honest and realistic expression of what parenting actually beomes 🙂

  8. you know what’s the beauty of your blog.. that these are the mantras of every mom… i mean every mom can sorelate to your post. it’s great!!!!!!

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