5 Kind Of Lipsticks Every Mom Must Have

Moms, whether new or not-so-new are always pressed for time. When you have to put everything together in a few minutes and yet manage to look good, prioritizing is the key. The one make up essential that  is an easy answer to how do I look good within seconds is – Lipstick. It is just enough to glam up not just your dull mom face, but also to stimulate a happy hormone. Now I also know we moms have lesser time to get out there and try out different shades of lipsticks (infact with a toddler on one hip, I find it impossible to try a shade and evaluate it). The easier answer to this would be online shopping. So I have put together a list of five kind of lipsticks every mom must have, also I have recommendations for every kind so don’t have to go hunting.  These are a few must haves for all moms out there.

The red devil

A red lipstick is a staple for every make up kit. Shift from a morning look to party look with just that magical swatch of red lipstick.  A few of us are not confident when it comes to sporting this bold color, but I’d say set out experimenting with it and you are sure to find your own perfect shade of red.

“By dressing your lips in red, it draws people’s attention to you, especially your mouth, and subsequently, the words that come out of it. It’s a symbol of prowess” – Poppy King, created of Lipstick Queen. 

Image courtesy – Myntra

Ruby woo from The Powder Matte Range By MAC Cosmetics is an investment for this lip look . It has a dark tint but you can create a subtle look by dabbing it on your lips.

Lipsticks moms must have

For a more affordable option you must try

–  Maybelline lip gradiation in the shade red, Maybelline super stay or lakme 9 to 5 red rebel are good options too.

The nude

Looking for a subtle wear to work tones or something to pair with your dramatic eyes look, the nudes are here to the rescue!! I generally pick nudes with pinkish hues. I am the kind who derives a sense of high with bold lips. I seldom wear nude shades on my lips, but they are a must have for certain occasions.

My favourite nude shade lipsticks are –  Miss Clair’s  shade 19 and Ultimate In Vogue by Faces . Mac too has options for nude shades.

The Pulpy orange

Orange lips are perfect for a beach or summer look and makes a value addition to your collection. Wearing some sunshine on your pretty pout is definitely in. Choosing the prefect orange shade for your skin tone is a challenge. A shade to dark or glossy can become spoilers. There are a few sheer finish orange lipsticks that would work with all skin tones.

My Utmost favourite shade of orange that is likely to brighten up every outfit without making your lips look neon is Citrine from the Soft Touch Range Bu Colorbar 

Lakme absolutes’ tangerine touch is another good option.

Pink power

Never underestimate the power of pink! Pink has the potential to make you look both pretty and fierce depending on how you wear it. Pink is that shade we wear as young collage girls and continue to wear it for eternity. Pink is the colour that looks trendy all round the year. To make your PINK lips the stamen look in your face you should avoid attention to your eyes by wearing fairly simple eye make up.

My favourite, for almost four years now is Relentlessly Red from The Powder Matte Shade By MAC Cosmetics.  This one works for all skin tones and the best trick is to apply it gradually allowing the colour to build up.

Glossy girl

Not in a mood to catch attention, or it’s one of those days when you don’t really want to have any cosmetics on, choose to pamper your lips instead.  Tinted lip balms and gloss are a perfect options for moms. We don’t have much time to spend on either make up or skin care. Opting for a tinted gloss or balm would add just the right amount of glam you need while taking care of your lips

Maybelline  baby lips is a good pick for this look.

So I’d say stock them and up and dress up because we deserve some time for ourselves.


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