Life lessons to learn from my son

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said motherhood has been the most potent game-changer in my life.
Being a mother has given a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘child is the father of a man’ to me.
Here I list lessons of life I have learnt from my son.

Being fearless.

I had always been a shy girl with a lot of fears and inhibitions. In the due course of being my son’s mother I learnt to leave those fears behind. I have lost the fear of consequence, fear of being judged, fear of rejection, fear of being imperfect, fear of making mistakes, fear of the unknown, fear of the future and so many others. I can not state for sure what bought this change in me. Did I just ape this quality from my baby?

To be forgiving

We have those rough days when fatigue or stress takes a toll on my behavior. In spite of me being pathetic, he forgives me and hugs me as lovingly as before. He teaches me the true meaning of ‘forgive and forget’


To be happy

Another thing that I learnt is to be happy, and to be so at all times. Keeping my son entertained felt like a task initially. But he has now given me another perspective  to it. Did I sing and dance all day ever before? Did a wee bit of my attention make someone so happy ever before? Did my ugly poker face make someone burst into laughter ever before?


 As I watch my son grow I learn the virtue of being determined from him. He holds on to me and stands up, falls as soon as he leaves me, holds me and tries to stand again. He tries ceaselessly to put that ring into the string. I watch and learn, learn and learn.


 Being curious  is a virtue I wish to adapt from my son. He looks at everything from the pigeon on the window pane to the cars on the street, from the fan on the ceiling to the carpet on the floor, from chalk to cheese with equal amazement. I admire his ability to look at everything so mundane with a curious heart. Its curiosity after all that makes you an avid learner.

To express freely

I have seen my son demand with all his might, whether it is food, diaper change or sleep.
I admire the way he expresses his desires so freely. A quality so rarely found in adults.


 Mothers have patience with their kids could be true.
But my son teaches me patience.
He is patient with me while I make parenting mistakes.
He is patient with me when I don’t understand his cues.
He is patient with me when I take him shopping sometimes when its time for him to sleep.

To love unconditionally

 What seemed like a one sided love affair for the first few months of being a mother, evolved into the most beautiful bond for a lifetime. I gush with happiness when he recognises me in a crowd, when he chooses me over everyone else.
 I have learnt to Multitask, to prioritise, give with an open heart, manage time, push my limits, challenge myself and love and respect myself because of my little son.

And I also know there is so much more I will learn from him on our wonderful voyage of life together.

I hope and pray that I am able to be as good a teacher to him as he has been to me.

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