KidZania Mumbai – An Incredible Experience

KidZania Mumbai – An Incredible Experience

Mothers day is all about honoring and celebrating motherhood. I have always celebrated mother’s day with fanfare and a lot of enthusiasm as a daughter. But this year bought with it, the privilege of celebrating my first mother’s day as a mom. It was special and I intended to make it a memorable one. Just then, through JAMMs whatsapp group I got to know about the ZuperMom Day being celebrated at KidZania. I had already heard a lot about how wonderful Kidzania is, so I promptly gave a nod to join the JAMMs mom brigade at Kidzania.

( JAMMs is a no-nonsense and complete Momsense social support group for networking amongst Mumbai based mothers)



What is KidZania ?

Kidzania is an innovative, captivating and educational indoor theme park for children. It is designed to look like a city that is the size of six Olympic sized swimming pools, where kids play different roles and try out careers involved in city life. At Kidzania, children are placed into situations closely replicating real life environment.

KidZania represents industries present in the real world like private services, public services, entertainment, airline, automobile, retail, restaurants and factories where children can play the role of a Pilot, Surgeon, Detective, Chef, Engineer, TV Producer, Radio Jockey, Car Mechanic and many more. 



Factors that evoke interest

  • KidZania is a city, we all have dreamt of living in as children. The kind we watch in cartoons and animated movies.
  • KidZania provides 100+ role-playing adventures to kids.
  • KidZania Mumbai is beautifully built like a real city with paved roads, benches on the streets, buildings, restaurants, trees, battery operated cars and 60+ establishments like cinema hall, bank, salon, petrol pump, hospital, disco, Chocolate factory and many more.
  • Kidzania has its own functioning economy and its own currency called KidZos. Children as citizens of this city are given an opportunity to earn KidZos by doing activities like solving a police case, extinguishing fire as a firefighter, delivering packages to their destinations etc. The ‘hard earned money’ can then be spent on activities like learning to make chocolate, at the disco, at the cinema or several such activities. This gives an opportunity to kids to manage their finances and develop a sense of autonomy and independence.
  • At KidZania, learning takes place through role play. Role play is one of my favourite teaching methods as a teacher. I can hold a book and teach a child about a fire fighter. But it takes learning to another level when the child dresses up as a fire fighter, mimics a fire fighter, sits in a fire engine and extinguishes a pretend fire.
  • KidZania is a perfect amalgamation of education, entertainment, fun, learning and skill development.
    It provides an opportunity to discover, explore, perform and learn.



My Incredible experience at KidZania Mumbai

At 10 am sharp on the 8th of May, I was at the ticket counter of KidZania Mumbai with other Jammies.
The ticket counter was made to like an airport. That is how adventures to new cities begin right?
We collected our boarding pass, KidZos, a map, a security band and checked into the city of KidZania.

I was also given a toddler activity sheet that stated all the activities in KidZania suitable for toddlers.

A ticket allows 4 hours inside the city.
The spectacular, contemporary and bustling city of KidZania awakened the child in me. My toddler jumped with excitement hearing the siren of the ambulance and fire engines.
I headed to the exclusive zone that had a house and an elementary school play area especially designed for toddlers.
At Urbano’s house, there was a bathroom with a bath tub full of blue and white balls. My son wanted to bathe in that tub for hours, but we had so much to explore. The bedroom of this house was a bouncy one. That house is best described as dream mansion for my son.

Bouncy bedroom
Bathing tub full of balls

We then headed to the ABZ elementary school. Wide range of books and exclusive toys made this a fun place to be at for my baby. We spent some quality reading time together.

ABZ elementary school at KidZania

We then headed to the discotheque. The vibrant lights and pumping music got the two of us grooving.

It’s the time to disco!

We visited cinema hall and watched stage performances by kids as supermodels, dancers and actors.

My 11 month old could not actively participate in other activities, but we spent a marvellous time together passively observing other kids play different roles.

Barber shop at KidZania
Working at construction site

The enthusiasm was at its peak. Kids dressed as police men, ran around the city with a deep look and lots of courage to spot a criminal. The dabbawalas sincerely carried the dabbas to  Zeal, passion, fun, joy, fervour, curiosity and happiness was in the air of the city and could be envisioned on every child’s face.
I would like to make a confession here, with my toddler I thought I wouldn’t even spend an hour inside. But to my surprise we spent three hours in there.

Kids play firefighters

This Mommy says:

KidZania is worth a visit for being such an innovative bend of creativity, fun and play. It provides a platform to children to learn, to develop social skills, to learn values through fun and play.

Our visit to KidZania on Zuper Mom Day was unforgettable. It proved to be a very enriching experience for my kid.

Parents could feel slightly intimidated with the thought of kids playing these roles. But the activities have been designed keeping in view the safety of children.

The comfortable baby care room took care of diapering and feeding needs of my toddler. The helpful, sweet and humble staff made the experience even better.

A day well spent – courtesy KidZania Mumbai and JAMMs. Follow JAMMs here:


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With Ritu Gorai

I would love to hear your experience at KidZania, or what you think of it in the comments below.

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Children learning to make choccos
Dental clinic at KidZania



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