If You Love Fashion You Can Earn Money – Voylla ManiBag Program

Gone are the days when diamonds were a woman’s best friend. The contemporary lady of today prefers opting for fashion jewellery to keep herself abreast with the latest trends.

Voylla is a brand that has revolutionised traditional jewellery for the contemporary Indian woman. Their exquisite collection caters to women with different taste and style. There is a wide variety of fine fashion jewellery for just the kind of lady you are.

After satisfying a woman’s fashion needs for almost half a decade – Voylla has now introduced it’s ManiBag Program. Under this program, you can become a part of the close-knit Voylla family and earn money at the comfort of your home. It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with basic communication skills, a sense of fashion, and the right kind of drive.

One difficult situation every woman faces in her life is – whether or not to work outside her home after she is married or after she has a baby? It takes a lot for every woman to answer that question and to make peace with her decision.
Women galore have quit their mainstream job but are excited to try out work opportunities that allow them to work as per their convenience and flexibility. This incredible initiative by Voylla allows women to earn some extra cash at their convenience.

How does it work?

You can become a part of the ManiBag Program and starting earning money in a few simple steps. This is how I did it:

– I signed up for the ManiBag program at www.voylla.com/ManiBag by filling in a few details like my name and email id.

– I was sent a confirmation email with my user if and other details.

– Next step was to prepare my own catalog by selecting jewellery pieces that I like or I think my friends would like.

– After saving my catalog, I previewed it and added a few more pieces from the product page.

– She received a direct link to the catalog I had prepared.

– My sister was impressed to see a collection of trending fashion jewellery just apt for her taste.

– She purchased a pair of earring and 10% of the cost of those earrings is added to my ManiBag account.

That marked the beginning of the earning process.

– For every sale you generate, you are entitled to 10% commission
– Once I have earned a minimum of ₹1000 I can convert it into cash or to Voylla cash and redeem it against purchases made on the website

– I am also given an option of transferring  money earned directly into my bank account.

As Simpe as it gets!

Click here to watch a video to understand the program better.

The ManiBag initiative by Voylla is an incredible way of earning some extra cash online. Don’t we recommend trends to our near and dear one’s anyway? Don’t we at times seek our friend’s advice for which peice to buy? Voylla now allows you to earn money simply by recommending.
So if you are a lady with an impeccable fashion sense, and would like to earn money, Voylla Sales Consultant is a designation you must consider.

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