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The one thing that could lure me into having another baby – is the love, care and attention I received during pregnancy. Once my baby arrived, all the attention (including mine) was diverted to my baby. But a life who gives birth and nurtures another life needs love, care and attention as well. While a new mom is dealing with sleepless nights, itchy skin, falling hair, alien emotions, leaky breasts, she is the one who needs to be taken care of as well.
While I faced several skin related issues, I was hesitant to use any over the counter drugs or creams, since I was lactating and handling a new born. I hoped then, that a trusted brand would offer product especially curated for moms. I guess my wish did not go unheard into the universe.
Himalaya has recently launched a range of products for moms and moms to be. I was invited for an event, Himalaya organized to launch these products.

Himalaya FOR MOMS Launch Event

The event was held at Aqaba, Palladium Business Park In Mumbai in an outdoor setting. The venue was decorated with soothing flowers and the guests were well taken care of. At the center of the venue, the four Himalaya FOR MOMS products were displayed in a mesmerising manner. Differnt tables were set up to showcase the newly launched products to the moms.

The event began with a warm welcome by the hostesses. This was followed by an introduction of the products by Ms Poornima Shankaran, Research and development, The Himalaya Drug Company. The event was organized in an unconventional and interactive manner. The hostess made the guests play a few games. Every arrangement was made to make the mums present there feel like princesses. Foot massage, manicure, and pedicure services were provided to the mothers. It gave the guests an opportunity to know each other while they indulged in some much needed pampering and explored the new products launched by Himalaya. Relish refreshments were served thereafter.



Here are the four treats for new mums presented by Himalaya

1) Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage oil

After a woman delivers a baby, she is recommended to indulge in a relaxing and soothing body massage for at least a couple of months. Body massage helps to relieve muscle pain, aches and relaxes the body and mind of a new mother. Himalaya FOR MOMS toning massage oil, enriched with the goodness of sesame oil, country mallow, winter cherry, aloe vera, is a safe and natural option for a body massage. Read detailed review of the product here.

2) Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter –

A mother masters the art of a perfect latch only after practice and a few cuts and chapped nipples. This nipple care butter, made of natural oils ensures prevention and cure of sore and cracked nipples. This can be effectively used by expecting mothers for nipple care. Read detailed review of the product here

3) Himalaya FOR MOMS Anti Rash Cream –

During pregnancy and post partum, a woman’s skin may develop rashes due to several reasons like sweating, itching, friction, cuts and many more. Himalaya FOR MOMS anti rash cream is a safe and effective ointment for soothing any kind of rash. Himalaya FOR MOMS Anti-Rash Cream is an herbal formulation that effectively reduces itching and rashes, and gently soothes the skin.

4) Himalaya FOR MOMS Body Butter

A moisturising and soothing body butter is a must have for every woman. During pregnancy and post partum the skin tends to get dry and itchy due to expansion and contraction. Himalaya FOR MOMS body butter claims to intensively moisturize and nourish the skin. The body butter is available in three fragrances – Rose, Jasmine and Lavender, to allow you to choose an aroma that appeals to you the most. Read the review of the product here.

To sum it up Himalaya FOR MOMS range of products is a treat every expecting mom and new mothers must luxuriate in.


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