Healthy And Tasty Veggie Paratha Recipe

Getting my toddler to eat different kind of foods has been quite a challenge for a me as a mom. I call my son a picky eater, because he has his preferences set and it is a challenge to get him to try a new food. I do not believe in feeding vegetables to children in disguise, but love adding a veggie twist to his meals.

Veggie Paratha was infact my mother’s way of feeding vegetables to me with a Chinese twist to a Punjabi paratha. Fortunately, my two year old loves it too. This paratha is packed with nutrition and tastes yummilicious. Here’s how you can make this paratha for your family.



Half cabbage





Schezwan sauce


red chillie powder

Wheat flour dough for the paratha


To make the stuffing paste: 

– grate half a carrot, a quarter of capsicum, and a small piece of cabbage

– finely chop an onion and mix all the vegetables in a bowl

– add a spoonful of mayonnaise, half a teaspoon of schezwan sauce, grated cheese, salt (as per taste), a tiny pinch of red chille powder/chilli flakes (according to yours child’s taste) to the bowl of veggies

– mix the ingredients well to make a paste.

To make the paratha

– take a large peice of dough made of wheat flour, and make a smooth ball

– roll the dough to make a flat circle (slightly thicker than fulka)

– place a spoonful of the stuffing in the center of the paratha and fold all the edges inwards to cover the stuffing

– Gently roll the dough full of stuffing to make a paratha. Be careful that the content does not spill out

– once the paratha is ready, cook it on a tava.

– cook the paratha on low flame to make sure the vegetables inside the paratha are cooked well.

– spread a little oil on both sides of the paratha for cooking

– Once it turns slightly golden from both sides, serve it hot to your family.

I love this paratha as much as my two year old does. I hope you enjoy preparing this recipe and savour it.



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