Happy Holi!!!!

I remember playing holi with a lot of enthusiasm with my sisters and friends during my childhood. But as time passed by I started to develop a dislike towards holi because of how messy it is, because people behave like licensed rowdies on this day and because I hate the idea of wasting water first to get yourself dirty and then to clean the dirt off.

But this year holi meant something else to me. My husband is out if town. So it was my mom and dad in law, my son and me celebrating his first holi together.

We had a celebration in our building premises. We got dressed and left home. ( I applied a layer of baby petroleum jelly on my baby’s face and tried to cover his body as much as possible with a full sleeves t shirt and pants)

As soon as we stepped down the staircase he stared with amazement at people’s colourful faces, at the colour trail on the floor, at people dancing with joy. He started to jump with excitement. Honestly I had expected him to cry, but this new unusual experience left him enthusiastic and eager.

People were kind enough not to be insensitive and applied colour on us very gently. Luckily, it was a dry holi so I was not worried about my baby catching a cold.

I shared a sip of my thandai with him which he disliked and decided to spit out.
He enjoyed what he saw and I enjoyed even more.
I did not want to miss this opportunity of story telling. I narrated the significance of holi and the story of prahlad to him which he heard carefully cooing back at me.


After about an hour he started to get a little overwhelmed with the noise and heat.
I decided to leave not pushing him to stay for longer than he was comfortable.

Now it was time to wash clean. I massaged almond oil on the colour stains on his body and washed him clean.

The holi celebration got him so tired that he speedily ate lunch and spent the afternoon in a restful slumber.

That was our quintessential first holi together just how I like it….

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