Comprehensive Fittness Assessment Program Conducted By Fitterfly In Navi Mumbai

​Have you as a parent pondered upon how different your childhood was compared to your child’s? Have you cursed technology when it eats up your child’s play time? Have you succumbed to your child’s demand of eating junk? And felt the need to bring about a change in yours child’s lifestyle, but have been able to do little about it? Well, you are not the only one!

The Children of today lead a modern lifestyle. What we call the modern lifestyle is responsible for the early onset of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, obesity, heart problems etc. The average age for the onset of these diseases has decreased dramatically from 60 years to 30 years. The situation is alarming to say the least!
What can we as parents do to ensure that our children embrace a future that is fit and free from diseases? We must sow the seeds of fitness now, lead them to a path of fitness today.

Fitterfly – the journey to good health begins today 

Fitterfly is founded by a noted peadiatric urologist and health care expert, Dr. Arbinder Singal, with an aim to assess health and fitness of children and work upon areas that need improvement under expert guidance.

With Dr. Arbinder Singal

How does the fitterfly assessment take place?

HFitterfly had organized an event at Navi Mumbai Merchants Gym khana where in parents with their children between the age of 5 to 15 years were invited to get the heath and fitness assessment done. I attended the event to give you a first hand insight into how the process works.

– The process of assessment begins with a registration and the parents and kids are explained the parameters of assessment, before they take the test.

– the fitness of a child is assessed on the basis of nine parameters – Stamina, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, core strength, BMI and Body Fat %.

–  the stamina, muscle strength and endurance of a child is assessed on the basis of his ability to perform activities like running, long jump, curl up, grip test (for kids above 9 years of age), push ups (for kids below 9 years of age), bench press.

– the BMI and Fat % is calculated on the basis of age, gender, height and weight of a child.

– all the tests were being performed in different spacious rooms under expert peadiatric fitness coaches.

– Dr. Arbinder Singal explained that the assessment takes about 30 to 40 minutes, after which a report is prepared and presented to the parents to give them a clear picture of the fitness quotient of a child. On the basis of this feedback parents are guided on how they can improve in areas where the child has scored low.

– I was shown a report of a seven-year old child. The report is systematically made and is self-explanatory. The child who’s report I saw, scored well in core strength and his fat percentage and BMI were normal, but his stamina was only 33%. Dr. Arbinder explained that this report itself will motivate a seven year old to work on his stamina. Experts then guide and train the parent and child with doable tips and activities to improve the score.

– Another significant part to consider when assessing a child’s fitness is his nutrition intake. After the fitness tests, parents and children were guided by a team of expert paediatric nutritionists led by esteemed Dr. Priya Karkera. The team believes every child is different and so are his nutritional needs. Parents are handed over a food diary to record the food intake of the child for a week. The experts than analyse the record book to evaluate the eating patterns of a child and further guide the parents and children. I banked on the opportunity and quelled a few of my doubts and dilimmas related to food intake if my two year old.

– I had witnessed or even heard about this kind of assessment of a child’s health for the first time.

It was a well organised event, held by a team of experts in their respective fields. You can visit the fitterfly website here to learn more about this inistiative.

Hope our children stay in a pink of health today and tomorrow 🙂

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