8 Times When Breastfeeding Deserves A Second Chance


I spent a lot of time during pregnancy poring over parenting books and child care articles. I read about Breastfeeding as well, it being a significant “mom job”. I thought I knew what to expect. Oh yes! I am sure even Jesus would have laughed at that thought.

I heard the term ‘exclusive breastfeeding’ for the first time after the birth of my baby. He was latched on to me within a few minutes of completion of my C – section surgery and then began my endeavours with breastfeeding parallel to motherhood.

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WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and extended breastfeeding untill two years of age. Thanks to the breastfeeding awareness drives and parenting coaching in the modern times, the number of moms who breastfeed has shown a remarkable upward trend. However, a relatively low number of moms continue to breastfeed even for six months leave alone a year.

The reasons why a mom decides to quit breastfeeding (apart from medical conditions) are plenty. There have been times I was on the verge of giving up. But breastfeeding is a mind game and trust me you can win it, trust me it deserves a second chance at all those times you think you should quit.


Here are ten times you may want to quit but you’d be glad you let that thought pass:

#1 When it PAINS

Whoever said breastfeeding is painless forget to add a disclaimer that this involves only the act of breastfeeding. The process of mastering a proper latch, the sore nipples, the let down, unlatching, the long nursing hours can become physically and mentally painful.

But the pain is going to fade away. On the flip side, your baby is going to sleep in your arms with a tummy full of magic potion you miraculously created for him. The pain is worth it mamma❤️

#2 When you think you are not making enough for your baby

The augmented breasts and the leaking had reduced after a few weeks and that’s when doubt crept in. I thought I was now not producing enough, to which my trusted doctor explained – The entire process of child birth and breastfeeding is handcrafted by God. Your body now knows how much milk your baby needs and produces just the right amount.

When in doubt, seek expert advice before you decide to switch to formula or replace your breast with our food sources for your baby.

#3 When your baby nurses all day

But a baby nurses for hunger, comfort, warmth, love, hugs, eye contact, and to recover from illness, to build immunity, to keep his supply of milk coming, to relieve any kind of pain, to sleep and for atleast a hundred more reasons. There could be a slim chance that she nurses all day because there is not enough supply. At this point, give your breast another chance. Don’t quit unless the doctor advices.

#4 When you miss the convenience

Breastfeeding would mean being around the baby most times, or making arrangements for the supplies in your absence. If you miss some time by yourself, try expressing and feeding stored milk. But with the help of a breast pump and breastmilk storage you can achieve your breastfeeding goals.

#5 When you are exhausted

Breastfeeding can be exhausting, the long nursing hours, the midnight hunger pangs of your baby are likely to make you rethink your choice of breastfeeding.

But having been there in that situation, I’d say hang in there, it’s a phase and you and your baby are soon going to have a better routine.

#6 When you have to nurse in public

A significant step towards normalising breastfeeding is to get comfortable with the idea of nursing in public ourselves. We need not alter our baby’s comfort to avoid a few ogling eye balls. Try a nursing cover and once you get comfortable with the idea of nursing in public you wouldn’t even need a cover.

#7 When there is lack of support 

One reason a mom considers top feeds is because there are a ten others around her who advice top feeds for every five who advice breastfeeding. When your own near and dear ones doubt your decision to breastfeed the going may get tougher. But I’d still say, hang in there. Give your baby and your breastmilk another chance then, even at the cost of being typecast as a stubborn mom. Because it is about your baby this time around.

#8 When you think your baby will never take top feel otherwise 

But that’s a great idea indeed. We often consider replacing breastmilk with animal milk at the earliest to get the baby accustomed to top feeds. As your baby grows he will mould himself to his environment.

Breastfeeding does lead to anxiety and pressure for moms, but once you have made up your mind, there is no way one can stop a mom.

Wishing you a happy World Breastfeeding Week!

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