Being woman


Each year Women’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and a lot of fanfare.

On this day I ponder, what it really has been like being a woman for me.

I don’t have a sob story where I would say that my family treated me differently because l am a girl. I was loved irrevocably by my mom and dad.

But when I got pregnant, i still wanted a son and not a daughter and i wondered why?

This wish of mine made me wonder- Is what i heard, read and even taught my students about women empowerment  and gender equality just confined to lectures and books?

Do i regret being a woman?
Do i regret not being able to be there for my parents like a son would be?
Do i feel i have left too much behind to adhere to the rules laid down for a woman by the society?
Did i choose a ‘safe’ profession for women?
Do i believe that being a woman is all about scrambling your way to success whether at home or work?

But as the world celebrates women’s day, I choose to change the pattern of my thoughts and remind myself of my strengths.

I am a daughter who chose not to speak to a guy throughout her college life, who ditched those short skirts for my parents.

I am a daughter in law, who chose to leave behind her career for building and embracing new relationships.

I am a wife, who willingly wishes my husband to be the king of the castle.

I am a mother, who  would give up anything in the world to see those tiny lips curve upwards.

Do I call all of this a sacrifice?
Not a tad bit!!!!Today, I commend myself for being a woman. I justify all my roles. I need no applause for it.Because, it is in me to be awesome.I am one of a kind, i love, i care, i share, i nurture, i am the future, i am the present, i pray,  i cry, i laugh, i dance, i drink, i hesitate, i create, i am flamboyant, i am shy, i am nervous, i am bold, i am naughty, i am pretty, i am in truth, i am in fiction, i teach, i learn, i make mistakes, i learn from them, i am mighty, i am right and i am what i choose to be.

I ought to cherish womanhood and quell the regrets.

I dream of a day when my son grows up and says

“I want a daughter.”

Not by words but by actions, I will let my son learn how to respect.

I will pursue my passions and let him watch how passionate a woman is.

I will seek help from my husband in cooking and cleaning. I will be the bread winner too. So that equality seeps in his little mind right from the start.

I will teach him to be chivalrous, which is being polite in behavior towards another individual irrespective of gender.

I will work on building a quintessential relationship with my husband. Where its always WE and not me or you.

I refuse ‘My Family’ essays that say papa goes to office and mamma only does the household work.

I will play a game of Clash of Clans with him while my husband makes a doll house.

I will make ask for his help in the kitchen. He can make his own bed and do his laundry too at times.

There is a change I wish to see.

Ironically, I have the power to bring that change too.

Cheers to womanhood!!!!!

Love it!!! Embrace it!!! Cherish it!!!

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