Babywearing-Friendly Workouts

Motherhood truly is one of the most beautiful, rewarding experiences any woman can have. But with all of its astonishing ups and downs, ladies sometimes neglect their physical health, especially from the first days of the birth of their babies. With babywearing becoming increasingly more popular, this no longer has to be the case!
Baby’s health is the priority, but moms need to set aside some time for an occasional workout, to rebuild their muscle strength and recover their body after giving a birth, as well. They should pay special attention to their lower back. Finding a carrier that will suit both you and your baby will make this process a whole lot simpler and, let’s face it, more fun!

Lower Body Exercises

As a mom, you most likely spend a significant amount of time running around the house, cleaning, cooking, and caring for your baby. That’s why it’s crucial to restore your lower body strength and the best way to do that is by incorporating exercises with weights in your daily routine. And where will you find those weights, you ask? Well your baby is the perfect little kettle bell for low to medium intensity workouts, and the best part is – the baby grows just when you need more resistance to push your boundaries!

Now, before any type of workout, you will need to warm up with some walking, dancing and doing a couple of reps of compound exercises such as the lunge, side lunge or curtsy lunge. No matter which variation you choose, lunges are one of those exercises with which you’ll develop a love-hate relationship in no time. You will need a breathable, reliable carrier to hold your baby on your chest to act as a weight and make the workout more challenging.

After the warmup, you can start with 3-4 sets, 10-12 reps of weighted lunges with only a minute to rest between sets. Then you can move to 3-4 sets, 10-12 reps of Good Mornings that will help you regain strength in your low back. Make sure that you keep your back straight and your core engaged throughout the movement. After that, you can do 3-4 sets of squats, also 10-12 reps, and you can increase the intensity by adding a pause at the bottom of the movement, or adding more reps, once you feel comfortable with this workout.
To make sure that you can perform all of these movements safely while wearing your baby, you need to get a pouch or a sling that will provide adequate comfort and support for your baby’s hips, back and neck. Therefore, take your time when going through those baby carrier reviews, to find your perfect match.

Upper Body Exercises

Frankly, you have a baby – you have your hands full! And carrying, playing and feeding will on its own provide plenty of upper body engagement. Don’t forget that your workout routine is essential if you nurse your baby. To ensure enough muscle strength especially for your upper back and shoulders, you can try the following exercises:
Warm up your upper body by rotating your shoulders, elbows and wrists, to mobilize your joints and tendons, and improve your circulation. If you’ve already done some weightlifting before, you can even overhead press your baby for a few times, that will lead to some giggles, and some serious shoulder power!

Using a resistance band will add more intensity, in case you don’t have any small dumbbells at your disposal. You can also use smaller water bottles, books and similar things to add some weight to your workout. Use the resistance band or another object to do 3-4 sets of bicep curls, 10-12 reps. Then, you can use a chair or a bed to do triceps dips and finish off by doing several sets of regular and side plank holds. Plank is very demanding, so you can start by holding position for 15 seconds, and try to increase slowly until you can hold one minute.
The key to working out safely with your baby in your arms is finding a suitable, comfortable baby carrier that will allow you to move freely, while at the same time boosting your baby’s physical development. Babywearing is much more than a mere convenience. It’s a unique way for you to bond with your baby, and lead a happy, fulfilling life, while caring for yourself and your little one.

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