10 Ways To Keep Water Borne Diseases At Bay This Monsoons

The onset of monsoons have bought a relief from the scorching heat, after the hot and humid summers. The time has arrived for the kids to take their colourful umbrellas out, put on their rain boots and shiny raincoats. While the cold showers pouring from the sky allure you to get drenched, your mind directs you to refrain from dancing in the rains. Because the monsoons also make us susceptible to a host of diseases. Kids are most vulnerable during the monsoons. My two year old has already been attacked by an outbreak of cold and cough this month.

The most common water borne diseases that are susceptible during the monsoons are Jaundice, malaria, gastrointestinal infections, typhoid, cholera, cold and cough, respiratory tract infections and due to the humidity, there could also be skin and scalp infections. A few factors that cause these diseases could be out of individual control, but with a few preventive measures illness during monsoons can be avoided.

diseases in monsoons
Here are a few precautions you must take this seasons to avoid infections and illness for yourself and your family:

Avoid shambling in heavy downpours too often. It would be unfair to expect the kids to avoid rains and stay indoors throughout. So if they must get wet, make sure they wash and clean themselves thoroughly.

– Use the monsoons as an opportunity to intensify the habit of personal hygiene and care in your children. Ask them to wash their hands and feet after they return home, wash their hands as often as they can, keep their skin and hair clean and dry.

diseases in monsoon
Drink boiled water or use a home water purifier to ensure everybody at home drinks clean water. Having the best Water purifiers at home has become a necessity in today’s world. Investing in an water purifier is an important decision you must consider for the safety of your loved ones. UV technology is an ideal technology that purifies municipal treated and supplied water. Don’t forget to carry your own bottle of water from home when heading outdoors.

Diseases in monsoons
Avoid eating food outside too often. Strictly avoid foods for your kids, that you think could contain untreated water from unknown sources.

– Stagnant water is a breeding space for mosquitoes. Check your homes to get rid of any flower beds, vases, choked drains or any other place where the water is likely to get accumulated. Check your child’s play space and toys thoroughly and clean it often.

– Mosquitoes are responsible for causing diseases like dengue and malaria during monsoons. Don’t forget to use a mosquito repellent for children when they are outdoors.

diseases in monsoon
– You will also find a lot of flies lingering around during monsoons. They may look harmless but are carriers of severe diseases. Make sure you cover the food well and restrict entry for mosquitoes and flies by using mosquito nets.

– Make sure the vaccination chart of your child is up to date. If in doubt pay a visit to your trusted pediatrician to confirm.

– Another way of preventing our children from contagious diseases is by maintaining distance from people who have contacted a disease. Do not send your child to school if he is unwell and request the school authorities to have strict policy that students must not attend school unless they have recovered.

These are a few simple precautions we must follow to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and enjoy the rains to the fullest.

Happy Monsoons:)


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  1. Wonderful advice given by ur post on how to stay healthy n fit in these mansoon days.. These days biggest threat to our health is from Mosquiots. So better to stay away from parks n unhygienic places ..thanks for sharing such information

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