Ang-tatva – Luxuriate Your Skin With The Goodness Of Nature

As a young girl, I had severe acne all around my face. I had used dermatologist prescribed creams and oitments then. But what really worked and has been my trusted way of treating my skin related concerns is chickpea and yogurt face pack made by my mother in her kitchen. In my opinion nothing pampers your skin the way nature does. Ancient Ayurveda and herbal treatments have proved that nature is therapeutic.

Pregnancy and motherhood took a toll on my skin and left me with little or no time to indulge in selfcare. But the only secret to a happy baby and a happy family is a happy mother. Having realised that, I religiously devote a few minutes a day to pamper myself to boost my happy hormones.

Recently I met a like-minded mum, Misha Jain, who pledged to take her passion and love for natural treatments and home remedies to every woman’s doorstep. She is the founder of Anga-tatva a brand that offers a vivid range of bath and skin care products that are naturally kind and gentle.


About Ang-tatva and the mom behind it:

Misha Jain is a post-graduate in fashion design from Pearl Academy of Fashion and has worked with designers like Rajesh Pratap Singh and Gaurav Gupta. She settled in Panipat after she got hitched, and took up job as the head designer in a carpet manufacturing and export firm.

When she learnt of her twin pregnancy, she quit her job and that’s when her fashion and lifestyle blog was born. She would also write articles for websites that promote organic and natural remedies for various health concerns. She was well-versed with the topic as she belonged to a family who had believed in the power of Ayurveda and natural remedies for over generations. She assisted her friends in making oils and facemasks to treat their skin related problems and they were amazed with the results. She decided to take it up on a professional level so she could help other young women treat their skin without chemicals or toxins and without burning a hole into their pockets. That’s how Ang-Tatva was born five months back.

How I learnt of Ang-tatva

I met Misha on a whatsapp group of bloggers (yeah! We have our own beloved community). when I learnt of Ang-tatva, the name itself had me attracted to it. She was kind enough to send us especially curated products to try.

Misha and I connected individually for her to understand my skin and my concerns better. She asked me to click a picture of myself as we chatted and send it across. She heard me patiently, because when I am asked to speak of my skin concerns I can define each fine line with detail. I told her about the dark circles around my eyes, the tiny whiteheads around my nose and chin and tan. She heard my concerns and examined my picture and concluded that my skin needed a scrub, a anti – tan facepack and an under eye serum.

The products arrived neatly packed in a cute travel pouch within a week. What made it even special was that these were made especially for me, keeping in view my skin type and my skin concerns.

Ang-tatva Face Scrub


The Ang-tatva face scrub is made of natural exfoliating agents like brown sugar, gram flour, Kesar and other Ayurvedic herbs. You are required to mix a spoonful of the scrub with half a spoon of curd and a few drops of lemon. Massage on your face for four to five minutes and allow it to stay for another five minutes after massage.

I have been using this scrub atleast twice a week for almost a month. I love how it scrubs my skin gently without making it dry or flaky. It leaves my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated immediately after use. Over a period I have noticed that the whiteheads have reduced. Scrubbing is an integral part of skincare, but if done wrong can lead to skin damage. I like that they scrub by Ang-tatva is mild and gentle and does the deed of scrubbing with riping the moisture off the skin.

priced at ₹350 for 75g

Ang-tatva D Tan Pack

The D tan pack by Ang-tatva is made of gram flour, turmeric powder, lodhra powder, baking soda, pomegranate peel, lemon peel and other mix of pulses. That’s a whole lot of natural goodness for the skin. This face pack can be used around the eyes and as often as everyday.

I have been using the face pack after a scrub twice a week. It evens out the skin tone and gives an instant glow to my skin. I have noticed an improvement in my skin texture with prolonged use.

priced at ₹450 for 100 g

Angtatva under eye roll on

This one is clearly my favourite eye serum I have used in a very long time. It is made of vitamin – E oil, almond oil, kumkumadi tailum and other essential oils. The roll on makes it convenient to apply the oil around the eyes. The aroma of this oil soothens  instantly. A drop of oil sufficiently spreads across the eye area. Applying this oil around my eyes has become a bedtime ritual now. I love waking up with relaxed and shining eyes.

priced at ₹450 for 30 ml 


These are three products by Ang-tatva that I have tried and I won’t be exaggerating if I said I am tempted to use every product that they manufacture. The charcoal soap, the aromatic oils, the hair and face cleansers, the foot cream and the serums are drool worthy. Charu, who is a dear friend and a mom blogger tried their soaps and the anti – acne mask, read what she thinks of it here.   Visit their page to see the entire range on




With Raksha Bandhan just around the corner they also have special customised gift boxes to gift some awesomeness to your sibling.

I am truly blown over with the Ang-tatva range made especially for me by another mom who comprehends my worries and my needs. These products made at home with utmost care and gentle natural ingredients are worth a try.



6 thoughts on “Ang-tatva – Luxuriate Your Skin With The Goodness Of Nature

  1. What an awesome line of natural and organic products. I follow angtatva on Instagram and quite intrigued by all their products. ❤️

    You are right girl a little bit of natural product pampering = happy mommy.

    Definitely going to get myself some AngTatva love.

  2. A very well and true read from u about ang -tatva… It’s all amazing to use ang-tatva products with d known fact that they r home made with love n expertise. I hv used it’s body massage cream which was amazing n just left my skin super soft n loving to touch. The hair oil’ black magic’ especially tested for grey hair have left my hair full of volume n smoothness..waiting for d black magic effect to come up soon.. can’t wait to use other products on my shelf like scrub, soaps n face packs.. all d best misha and congratulations for ur efforts

  3. I am facing hair loss problem due to oil and dandruff over my scalp after one day of washing, I m using Patanjali amla oil after washing my hair with patanjali kesh kanti shampoo and patanjali coconut oil with castor oil At night or 2 hours before going for shower do I need to use anything else???

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