Get To Know Me

Now that you are here, I welcome you to my small little world.

I am a commerce graduate, an interior designer and and post graduate in education. I have been a teacher in a few esteemed institutions before I plunged into motherhood.

I am now a full time mom. But I believe so is every mom, you cannot parent part time, can you? 

What is Mommy Voyage all about ?

I describe motherhood as the most exhilarating yet overwhelming experience in a woman’s life. So after I became a mom, I decided to document my experiences.

During my boy’s nap time, I blog about my journey as a mum. I love to write about my experiences as a woman, mother, a teacher, and that little girl who is alive within me.

On mommyvoyage you would find – oodles of pictures of my family, genuine reviews of baby and mamma products and services, advice for mums from the experts, teaching ideas, parenting tips, tried and tested home remedies, activity ideas for kids, beauty and skin care tips mammas and lot of other stuff.