A Story Inspires Another – Interview With Sukhi Kaur

When a woman backs another woman incredible things happen.

Every success story that a woman writes for herself, becomes an inspiration for atleast a hundreds of others.

While women’s day is celebrated with fanfare on the 8th of March, we decide to keep the celebration going all round the year.

This brings me to announce a new segment on the blog where I will share the story of/ interview an inspirational womanpreneur fortnightly.

How many women you know are skeptical to pursue their dreams? How many of us are fearful or guilty? How may of us need just that nudge to budge?

Lets hear it from women who have proved it is POSSIBLE.

The lady who pioneers featuring in this segment is Sukhi Kaur

Meet Sukhi Kaur, the master lady behind Digital Monks, a digital media company that is assisting various brands achieve their goals through media marketing. She graduated in Mass media and acquired a post graduate in Digital Media and Design. After working with a reputed firm she finally knew she wanted to do something of her own. This girl chose to be her own boss. All at the age of 26, she has her own media company. What first drew me to her was her ability to quell the fears and take the plunge. Here is my conversation with this awesome lady who won’t settle for any less than what she desires.

Where did it all begin? Did you always aspire to be an entrepreneur?

To me life is an assorted box of chocolates you never know what’s in store for you. Same thing happened to my career, it all began after giving devoted 3 years to digital media. I knew was good at my job but 9 to 6 has never been my cup of tea. I always knew eventually I shall become an entrepreneur but it was going to happen so soon was quite surprising to me.
“I love my job because I feel there is always something that I can do to improve. Whether it be writing a new blog post, scheduling social media post, or reaching out to new organizations, there is always something to keep me happily busy.”

Did you face any challenges in your pathway to success (being a woman)

Uuuum not really in fact being a woman really helped me in my process. My journey has been very interesting touchwood. Also since I belong to a nuclear setup family after marriage there have not been any major changes in my personal life too.

Is marriage an end to a woman’s aspiration or is it a new beginning?

For me marriage has been totally a blessing, thanks to my best friend (husband) for life.He has been so supportive and honestly excited for Digital Monks. He has truly been my guiding angel when it comes to any technicalities involved in invoices or taxation. Also perks of being a working woman includes breakfast on bed on some weekends. A piece of advice for every girl out there choose your partner wisely do not hurry for marriage just cos you’re in your late twenties,even if you find the right guy at 40, trust me it will be worth the wait.
Lastly a piece of mind for society is that whether a woman is working or a homemaker they both are equally important and busy, the only basic difference is that one is working at home and other outside.

How significant is it for you to be an independent woman (whether financially or otherwise)

I have been brought up in a very independent environment since childhood. We are three sisters and the best gift my parents have given us is best education and values. To me being independent comes naturally, be it financially or otherwise but I am grounded with my values. One quote I swear by is “Spoil me with your loyalty, I can finance myself.”

 What advice would you give to women who want to start their own business? Or pursue a career after a sabbatical?

One crisp advice would be set your priorities straight. Only if you know how to balance your personal and professional life dive into womenpreneur mania. It’s a crazy roller coaster ride filled with excitement and fear at every stage.
One professional advice would be NETWORK a lot. Keep in touch with old colleagues, employers, friends etc. Networking will help you search for an appropriate client or get good references.



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