9 Reasons Why I Love Lego

There is an explainable joy about building and creating something of your own. This feeling is no alien to a toddler. My two year old’s euphoric state is perceptible when he plays with his Lego blocks.

Here are nine reasons why I am in love the Lego bricks :

1) The kids love it – This is one toy kids actually play with. My son’s toy collection has multiple toys that have never managed to grab his attention. But Lego is a toy he wants to play with over and over again.

2) It’s open needed – the Lego blocks we have is apt for (but not limited to) building a train. Lego bricks can be used to build anything your child dreams of. It opens the doors of exploration and creativity for a child.

3) Fine motor practise – putting the bricks together rightly needs a lot of strength. Playing with the Lego makes a fantastic fine motor activity to help develop those tiny fingers.

4) Doubles as a teaching aid – the toddler Lego with numbers facilitates learning while at play. The colourful bricks also assist in teaching colour. I ask my son to sort the bricks color wise and name the color as he picks a brick.


5) It is simple – My two year old does not need any instructions about how to use Lego bricks.

6) It is gender neutral – most toys are divided into two categories – for either girls or boys. But Lego bricks are neutral. My two year old loves playing with them in company of all his cousins irrespective of their gender.

7) Quality time – My husband and I love creating with Lego bricks as much as our son does. It allows the three of us to get together and spend quality time as a family.

8) It is ageless – Lego has something to offer for kids of every age group. So when I predict my son had outgrown the Lego bricks he has, I know there is an age wise upgraded version available in the market.

9) Lego is  heirloom – My parents bought me Lego bricks because they loved playing with them as kids. Exactly the reason why I bought them for my son. It’s a legacy that is likely to continue.


2 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why I Love Lego

  1. Yes, we love Lego for all these reasons! I was so proud of my son when he was able to make and unassemble his own duplo creations – it’s a toy anyone can join in and play with too like you said 🙂

    Hope you are having a great week! I just published my first eBook so I’m having a pretty good week! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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