8 Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy During Monsoons

Monsoons have arrived as a welcome change from the scorching sun and sweltering heat. However, they have also brought with them unwelcome guests of diseases and infections and kids are the most vulnerable to these diseases. These little ones have to be protected and taken care of, to be able to enjoy the weather to the fullest. Here are some health precautions you must take during monsoons to keep your child healthy and free from diseases:

Healthy In Monsoons

1) Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water

Any kind of street food or junk is best avoided during the monsoons for an obvious reason that it may carry a host of bacteria and lead to stomach infections. It is important to maintain a healthy home cooked diet that consists of a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Include immunity building foods like – almonds, nuts and curd in your child’s diet. Make sure the fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly before use. Kids can be a little picky, but decorating the home cooked food and experimenting with tastes at home will ward off the urge to eat outside.

Healthy in monsoons

Kids tend to feel less thirsty during this season. Offer water at regular intervals to your child. Giving boiled water or warm water to kids will ensure that any kind of disease does not catch them in its grip.

2) Get rid of accumulated water

Check in and around your home for any kind of water logged spaces like flower beds, flower pot plates, vases, toys, traps, or any other susceptible place. They are the breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially the dengue mosquitoes that breed in clean standing water. Also the fact is that they just need a teaspoon of water to lay eggs. Reading more on dengue and its symptoms definitely helps you keep your family safe from mosquito borne diseases.

3) Use mosquito repellent in the daytime

Continuing from the point above, the mosquitoes that spread dengue and chikungunya come in the daytime, hence I recommend that you keep your mosquito repellent switched on evening during the day, if at home.

Healthy in monsoons

Did you know that the mosquitoes that cause Dengue and Chikungunya are 3X more active outside than inside? It becomes even more important to protect them when they are out of home and out of your control and supervision. Kids go to school, go for tuition, go out to play before the sun sets; and it becomes even more important to make sure they are protected from mosquitoes. I apply 4 dots of Good knight Fabric Roll-on on my son every morning before he steps out of home, this ensures he is protected for long hours until he comes back in the afternoon.

4) Maintain hygiene

Encourage your child to maintain basic hygiene by washing hands several times a day. Make sure your child’s nails are trimmed. If your child has a habit of bitting nails, ask him not to do it. Ask the children to avoid touching their eyes and face often.

5) Keep clear of damp clothes while indoors

Keep your child’s clothes, socks, shoes, raincoats and umbrellas dry and clean to avoid dampness and skin infections. Damp clothes and walls are home to fungus growth and may lead to breathing problems.

6) It is okay to play in rain, but take precautions

While the rains are tempting and cannot be avoided completely, limit the time your child spends in the rain. Make sure he washes himself thoroughly with hot water after getting drenched in rain water.

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7) Instead of heading to anti-biotics, try Eucalyptus oil to soothe the cold

I have been prone to common cough and cold during monsoons since childhood. My mother would use the soothing aroma of eucalyptus oil to help me recover from clogged nose naturally. The aroma of eucalyptus soothes clogged nose and aids breathing easily. For young kids, you can put a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief and place it near the child’s pillow at bedtime.

8) Bathe twice

Kids tend to play around in mud and get their hands and clothes full of germs. Giving my toddler a bath twice a day has helped us avoid infections. Keep the bath time short during the evenings.

These simple precautions will help your little one enjoy the weather to the fullest

Happy Monsoons

12 thoughts on “8 Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy During Monsoons

  1. Great tips and I am using most of them. the weather in North is hot when sun is there and Cold when rain Its difficult at times. But these tricks always work thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing these important points on keeping our child healthy in mansoons. My main concern in this season is Diseases causes through Mosquitoes. Used many things to keep my child stay away from these but all are useless..

  3. Loved the blog posts as it has solutions to all the monsoon related health problems in one place. It’s extremely important to take all the necessary care to prevent kids from falling sick. Monsoon howsoever pleasant on the outside can become a major breeding ground for diseases.

  4. Greats tips! I also use the goodknight fabric roll-on for Karma and its so affective. She has had a couple of reactions to mosquito bites and repellant cream also doesn’t suit her skin. This works best! And eucalyptus oil is my go to for colds. Especially at night… I just put a drop on side of the pillow to make breathing easier. 🙂

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