7 Tricks To Get Your Child Excited About Real Food


At 6 months of age, when a mother introduces solid foods to her baby, she leaves no stone unturned to offer the healthiest food to her baby. Mashed fruits and veggies, dry fruits, cereals and grains – a mother serves it all. But as your baby grows from an infant to a toddler and to a preschooler, the ‘healthy’ foods are replaced with cookies, ice creams and all kind of junk. You will find yourself wondering what went wrong and when. But it’s never to too late to take tiny steps towards building healthy eating habits.

Here are some tricks you can try to get your child excited about food.

1) Involve your child in cooking

It may amaze you to know that my 15 months toddler loves to cook. He loves to watch me put one ingredient after the other in the pan. He has even started to point out the salt and sugar on the shelf. Every time we prepare a meal together he enjoys eating it. With older kids this can be so much more fun. Ask your child for help in the kitchen, narrate the recipe to him, take his ideas and inputs as well and appreciate the help you have received. After cooking serve the same meal to the child; he would love to eat and critique his own creation. Occasionally, you can also ask your child to brainstorm and create a unique dish. Whether it’s a sugar sandwich or salty kheer, the fun and pride of creation is incomparable. In this manner you instill the love for food in your child. He begins to view fruits and veggies to be raw materials for great inventions.  Read More 

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