7 Things NOT To Do To A Baby Ever


Babies are said to be gifts from heaven. They bring oodles of joy and happiness to the families they are born in. A mom, on one hand, is overjoyed and cannot contain her heart full of emotions. But on the other hand, she is daunted and nervous. This is exactly how I felt with my first child, and how I learnt about the things we must STAY AWAY from doing, no matter what anyone says.
first time mom is perplexed and often has to make difficult decisions. A handful of people give her one piece of advice, while the other handful contradict that advice outright. It can be difficult to settle on a decision, especially when you need to refuse someone’s advice or stand up for your own argument. But for the sake of your baby, it is critical to take this stand.

I have learnt this from experience, and want to share with you my list of things you should never do to your baby: continue to read here 

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