5 Best Apps A New Indian Mom Must Have

Parenting is journey that brings out the best of you, since you are now more cautious, aware, anxious, nervous, excited, daunted, curious, and in love than ever before.

Being a new mom in this era literally means having to choose between conflicting ideas and suggestions. The biggest challenge lies in being able to trust your instincts and not giving in to the pressure. When I became a mom, I was fortunate to have elderly advice and support from my family and friends. But what I also had was my virtual friends, technology and communities that would assist, support, guide, clarify doubts, hear without judgements and create awareness.

The Internet is loaded with information and Android and I OS offer a hundreds of apps to assist parents. A lot of them are quite similar and a few only occupy space in your phone.

Having the best of the apps on your phone simplifies parenting and you have the answers to your queries a button or a click away. Below are 5 best (not necessarily parenting) apps that a new mommy’s phone must have.

Baby Chakra

Babychakra is not a mere mobile app, it’s a community for mums, made by mums, run by real mums. This app encourages mothers to review mom and baby products and services that they have tried. I would trust a mom’s word more than anything else when choosing a product or service for my son. This platform also allows me to share what I did not like about a certain product or service so other mums stay alarmed when trying it out. Babychakra allows moms and to-be mom to ask questions or speak bait anything under the sun with fellow moms. Women on the app help each other by sharing their own experiences, suggestions and ideas. The expert team that comprises of renowned doctors, pediatricians, educationists, nutritionists, lactation consultants, babywearing consultants, yoga professionals etc are always there to help the mothers. You can also book maternity or baby photo shoot, find a trusted obstetrician, gynecologist or pediatrician in your vicinity and buy baby products by select reliable brands.  Babychakra is a close-knit family of moms who discuss, support and empower each other.


White Noise baby

For almost 9 months  inside the womb, a baby hears a lot of sounds . Apart from the noises from the outside, baby hears a variety of “gushing” sounds that her mother’s bodily fluids produce. These sounds help the baby stay calm. Creating that kind of an environment may help soothe a crying baby. I had a colic baby and sounds like that of the car, hair dryer, rattles, drums etc helped me soothe him. White noise app offers a variety of sounds that help soothe a crying baby and keep him calm. It also has features like a digital rattle for the times you have forgotten to carry a toy with you outdoors, stop watch timer, sharing sounds with others and recording your own voice.

Available both on iOS and Android platforms.

WebMed Baby

As the names suggest, this app is linked with the online medical database and WebMed website. This link will help you extract only the baby related medical information. You can track health related information of your baby, emergency tips, caring tips, and more. The app assists you in keeping a track of your baby’s vaccination schedule. WebMd app has an informative collection of articles that cater to every concern a new mom may have. This app has an additional feature that allows you to record your baby’s firsts and milestones in the form of a digital baby record book.

This app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


I began to rely on e-commerce platforms for almost all my needs only after I had a baby. Being able to spend long hours at the store selecting clothes, buying baby essentials or toys for your baby will not be feasible. Firstcry is a online shopping platform designed for moms and babies. It offers every product a mom may need for her baby or for herself with good number of brands to choose from. The deals and offers available on firstcry are lucrative too. Firstcry also has a community where you can ask any shopping related question and chat with other moms to find out what they are buying and why.

My Fitness Pal

You may have let yourself loose with late night desserts and mid meal munching during your pregnancy, and even after you delivered your baby your food was laiden  with oodles of Ghee. But after a couple of months watching your calories is a good way to begin the journey to fitness. A careful monitor for all you weight loss needs, my fitness pal is a good calorie counter app for android and iPhone. You can record all your meal items individually and it has all the desi stuff too. So chole, Thepla, Dhokla, khichdi, rajma chaval, chaat, its all there. You can record your daily food and exercise routine to track your progress. It is easily accessible and convenient to use and it automatically calculates your daily calories. It keeps a track of all your food choices and also deletes the servings you consume. If you are worried about the total calorie intake in a day and have a goal to achieve then well this is just what you are looking for.


A little help can make a big difference!


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