Ways to bond with your unborn baby

Ways to bond with your unborn baby

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There is absolutely no feeling in this whole wide world that I could analogize to being a mom. I can never comprehend in words, what it felt like to be pregnant. It is the most miraculous thing that happened to me. The thought of my baby growing into a full human from the size of a nut in my womb felt phenomenal.

According to me, a woman becomes a mom as soon as she learns of her pregnancy. For nine long months post that the baby grows in an enchanting manner. The baby’s growth is not just physical in nature. The brain and the senses of the baby develop simultaneously.

Why not build a bond with your baby right from day 1? Why not be a part of your baby’s growth? Why not become a family? Why not be an inseparable part of each other?

Why miss such an opportunity? Your child has stepped into the world its time for you to step into your parent shoes.

In this post I share with you my experiences with my baby in the womb. Here are also some activities you could do with your baby.

Talking to your baby

Parents are usually advised to spend quality time talking to the baby in the womb. I chose to speak to my womb the day it came naturally to me, not because experts and parenting coaches advised it. I felt like I was pouring my heart out to someone who is dear to me. There is absolutely no guide to what to say, how to say, when to say. It feels superlative when it becomes a way of life.

You lucky mommy!

You are the privileged one because you can speak to the child 24×7, day in and day out. It is like having someone at all times. There is never a lonely moment. Speak what you like and when you wish. 

Its Papa’s turn now

It’s always a couple who is pregnant and not just the mother. In my opinion, fathers should take some time out to bond with the baby residing in mama’s womb. My husband use to place his hand on my womb and speak to our baby every night. He spoke just what he wanted, I saw his discomfort initially but he did it with his will and excitement. Believe it or not, in the third trimester, our baby use to kick and move rigorously, when papa spoke to him.

pic credits; earlymoments.com

Pen it down

Maintaining a journal addressed to your baby is another way of bonding with your baby. I maintained a dairy, every time I wrote I would think of my baby and I felt an immediate connection. In this era, where one can trust the web over the pen, a web dairy, a blog, an email account, mobile phone notes are good options too.

Its time for some rhythm

Music for me is therapeutic. I prepared a playlist with my favourite songs and bhajans and we would rejoice that playlist every night before bedtime. After the birth of my baby, I still continued to play that music and he would smile back at me.

Positive affirmations

Each day, during pregnancy, brought with it different mood swings, anger strokes and a few other negative emotions. And I just know, my baby could sense the negativity. During such times, the most onerous task was to shift focus from the negativity and calm myself down. I had a few sentences prepared for such times. ‘I am the happiest because my baby is going to see this world very soon. I can’t wait for the times I will caress you, kiss you, hold you, clean your poop and soothe you.’ It usually bought a smile on my face, unless I was too angry.


Moderate exercise during pregnancy help to improve the breathing of the baby and the development of the nervous system, that is a health associated reason to exercised. Exercising together is a fun way of bonding with the baby. I would speak to my baby while exercising. I learnt a few kegel, hands and legs  exercises at a workshop I attended at my doctor’s clinic. I would pick two one litre water bottles and do arm and leg exercises with it. I would tell my baby, Mama is preparing herself to be able to fulfill your needs of being carried for at least a couple of years after you are born. And thank god for those exercises, my son who is now one, wants to be carried almost throughout the day.

photo set of pregnant woman doing exercises isolated on white background
pic credit; youbabyandi.com

A mommy says

“I wanted to connect with my child as soon as I learnt of my pregnancy. I read and kept reading theories and notes and books and what not. But it felt very abrupt to follow everything like a rule. I tried everything but found my own way. I started to speak to the baby, not everyday, but when I wanted to. On days when I felt my baby was moving less, I would play music and feel the movements serenely. I felt like he was grooving to the tunes. I felt most connected when I wrote to my baby. I preferred writing mails. I have cried with tears and smiled ear to ear while writing. It is the best time I have spent with my baby.”

– Jinal Gada

A few baby stimulation ideas

There are several ways to stimulate the different senses of your unborn baby. 

  • Dim light placed over the mother’s stomach  stimulates the baby. The baby reacts to the light by kicking inside the womb.
  • The sensation of touch can be stimulated by touching the belly and taping the bump.
  • Playing music, reading out loud can stimulate auditory sensation.
  • Eating different kinds of food and smelling good things helps stimulate the sense of taste and smell.
  •  Caressing the womb stimulates the baby and increases the flow of blood to the womb.

Relax Relax and Relax and know that you are an awesome mom already!

Happy Muming:)

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