10 Things I Learnt In My First Year of Breastfeeding

10 Things I Learnt In My First Year of Breastfeeding

You must have attended a breastfeeding class or read a few articles and books about breastfeeding. You may have heard ‘valuable’ advice about breastfeeding from moms you know during your pregnancy. So when your baby is born you are well aware of the nutritional superiority of breastmilk, you know it is the best for your baby and you, you know breastfeeding may help you shed off some post baby pounds, you have already heard of the ecstatic bond breastfeeding will build between you and your baby. But there are a few things no one tells you about breastfeeding. I share with you 10 things I learnt about breastfeeding that every new mum must know of:

1. You may not like breastfeeding at first:

And that is perfectly alright! The mum in you is as new as the baby in the world. You may find yourself obsessing over a perfect latch, the ideal feeding position and a so-called feeding routine in spite of the post delivery pain. You are likely to feel a little exasperated.

2. Breastfeeding hurts:

Yes it does!  One of the many kind of pains only a woman experiences. At times, it hurts like a hundred knives poking your nipple every time the baby latches. But you would still want to embrace that tiny latch.  

3.  Your baby will feed when she feels like, and yes it could be 24/7:

During the early months your baby may feed at a stretch for hours. After feeding for hours when you assume you can now sleep,  your baby may demand a nibble again. Your baby wants you and your breast, it makes her feel secure, comfortable and safe. 

4. You may doubt yourself:

when your baby feeds often or for too long, you may doubt your milk supply. You may feel the well has run dry. You will cry because you feel inadequate. But you are strong and you will carry on.

5. You will envy your partner:

You may even wish he had a pair of boobs. He gets to sleeps all night, enjoy cocktails, drink beer, party hard and still be a cool dad.

6. You could be shamed for breastfeeding:

As unreal as that may sound, there are breastfeeding haters around. You may hear advice to switch to formula at least when you are outdoors. Such people will only make your will to breastfeed stronger.
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7. Your sense of fashion will change:

you will wear clothes and accessories that would make breastfeeding comfortable. A high bun or a pony tail are likely to be your favorite hairstyles.

8. Cover – Uncover :

You may use a nursing cover to nurse in public to soon realize it is a piece of fabric with no good use. Your baby hates it, she gets sweaty and shoves it off.

9. You could have an affair with the breastpump:

You have to go out and need some expressed milk, that’s when you will be able to pump only half an ounce of milk. On some days, when you see a bottle full of expressed milk you may want to jump with joy. You will miss this bitter-sweet relationship when it ends.

10. You are such a strong mamma:

You will feel proud of yourself. You are so much more tougher, stronger, bolder and courageous than you thought you were. You will feel this way whether you breastfeed for a day or for years.
Every little experience in the life of a breastfeeding mamma is epic. I am going to miss breastfeeding when my baby grows up. Running smoothly at 14 months now,  I simply do not want to think of the end.
  Picture Courtesy: what to expect.com, families.fr

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