10 Simple Ways To Bond With Your Kids


It is easy to feel disconnected with your kids and family, especially if you and your husband are busy with work and your children are overwhelmed with school. But despite hot hectic your schedules are, it is still important for you to take the time to bond and try to stay connected with your kids.
So how do you bond with kith your kids? Here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

1. Go on a road trip.

If you have some free time and excess money, give yourself and your kids a treat by going on a road trip. Make sure to play with them and take the time to talk and listen to them while you are on your trip. Do not forget to make a pit stop in a food destination that serve their favorite dishes.

2. Tell them a funny story about you

For sure, your kids may see you as a too serious mother. They may respect you but they find it hard to connect to you. To break the ice, show them how goofy you can be by sharing some of the funny things that you did when you were a kid.

3. Teach her something fun

You do not have to teach your kids educational topics at all times. Sometimes, you have to ditch arithmetic and do something fun instead. You can go crafty with DIY projects or you can teach them to bake or cook.

4. Read a book together

Get a book that you know your kid can comprehend and allocate a few hours during nighttime reading it out aloud. After reading, try to ask your child what he thinks about the book and let him share his thoughts without judging.

5. Go on a date.

When you feel disconnected with your husband, you go out on a date with him. This should also be the same with your child. Take them out for dinner or snacks and just talk to him or her. Let him share his stories in a safe and judgment-free zone.

6. Do something exciting.

Do something that will get your blood pumping. Instead of just biking with your kids, have a race with him. After all, the best moments are those moments that you spent outside of your comfort zone.

7. Do some gardening

Gardening is one activity that will bring you two closer together. Plus, it is also one productive activity. Seeing your garden come to life will certainly help you feel some sense of achievement that will bring you closer together.

8. Bond during bedtime

Visit their room before they go to sleep. Talk to them for a few minutes and ask how they are doing at school, how was their day and many more.

9. Play highs and lows

To prevent dinnertime from being boring, try to play this game. Ask everyone in the table to share the high and low points of their days. This is certainly a great way to reconnect with your children.

10. Always have a family day

It is always a must that you schedule a family day every week. This day is exclusively just for you and your family—no other social gatherings to attend to. You can just simply decide to visit an amusement park or to stay inside the home to do some bonding activities.

You do not have to go out of the country to spend lots of money and tie to bond with your kids. For your little ones, the simplest things matter. You just have to make some effort to spend some time with them and they will surely feel happy, contented and satisfied with the time that you have spent with them.

Author Bio:

Sarah Grace Del Rosario is a mommy blogger and freelance event stylist at Del Rosario events. She also works as a community outreach specialist and blogger at Formuland.com, a company providing holle formula and other organic products for babies. When not busy working, you can see her showcasing her paintings and recipe failures at https://thethrifysenyorita.wordpress.com/.

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