10 Patanjali Products You Must Try

It was only a few months ago, that my father in law bought a few Patanjali products from the grocery store, and I shared a laugh with my husband over it. But I have to admit I was shamefaced when I picked quite a few Patanjali products myself at our next visit to the grocery store. I would not say I like each and every product that Patanjali offers, but there are a few products that have made a permanent place in my kitchen and bathroom shelf.
Here is my list of top 10 Patanjali products that I have replaced with their contemporary brands in my house:

1) Patanjali Keshkanti Hair Oil

This was the first ever Patanjali product that I tried. It was probably, because I was impressed with this oil that I was allured to try other products by the brand. This oil provides nourishment to your hair and the results are visible after the first use itself. The fragrance is a blend of amla, camphor and a few herbs. You may have to wash your hair thoroughly to get rid of the aroma completely.

2) Patanjali Milk Protein Shampoo 

I have been using professional shampoo from loreal, over the years. So when I saw a bottle of Patanjali Milk Protein Hair cleanser, I used it without any expectations and was pleasantly surprised with the results. It has brought shine and lusture to my hair making it soft and silky.

3) Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

We are not alien to the goodness aloe vera gel provides to the skin. As a teenager, I had an aloe vera plant at home, I would often cut a peice, scoop the gel out and slather it all over my face. This was my favorite natural skin care indulgence. When I saw a bottle of aloe vera gel I was tempted to try it out. I apply a thin coat on my face, 30 minutes before a bath. It has the same soothing and moisturizing effect on my skin as the pure aloe vera gel.
img_20161129_161118 img_20161129_161124

4) Patanjali Multani Mitti Face Pack  

I bought this on my sister’s recommendation. It has helped her reduce acne on face as well as on her arms. I have been using it for a few weeks now and like this natural face pack.
img_20161129_161132 img_20161129_161138

5) Patanjali Ojas Mogra Body Cleanser

 This soap is dark green in color and oval in shape and is enriched with the goodness of neem, haldi, and aloe vera. It Cleanses the body leaving a long lasting Jasmine aroma, without drying out the skin. However, the soap dissolves very quick.

6) Patanjali Guava Juice 

Patanjali offers juices of fruits like apple, mango, leechi and guava in a tetra pack. My favorite among these is guava juice, this could also be a biased choice as I prefer guava as a fruit. The taste is very close to that of the real fruit.

7) Patanjali Apricot Face Scrub

This face scrub is creamy in texture and the granules are tiny enough to scrub the skin gently. I do not like the smell of this product though. 

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8) Patanjali Jeera Bites 

These are tiny size biscuits sold in an air tight plastic packages. These taste good and claim to be healthy as well.

9) Patanjali Orange Peel Face Wash

The orange peel face wash is a blend of other natural ingredients like neem and aloe vera along with orange peel. The face wash is good and cleanses the skin thoroughly. I haven’t noticed dryness on my skin since I have started to use. The smell of the face wash is awkward though.

10) Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpaste 

I am not very fond of this toothpaste. Wonder why it made it to this list? Because every member in my family likes it.

The Patanjali products have become a rage and have made their way to every Indian home. Patanjali as a brand continues to create products and the users can not resist trying them all. Although I like a lot of Patanjali products, I am neutral about a few and some haven’t impressed me at all. I am not fond of the Rose Face wash, rice and honey by Patanjali.

The turnover of Patanjali Ayurvedic Limited of Baba Ramdev grew 150% to more than Rs 5000 crore in 2015-16 from about Rs 2000 crore in the previous year, and the Baba predicts the growth of the brand would hurt the market share of existing FMCG majors.

This is why I think more of Indians are switching to Patanjali –

1) Natural and herbal ingredients –  most of the products by Patanjali are made of natural and health friendly ingredients.

2) Affordability –  I wouldn’t say all, but Patanjali products are priced lower than a substantial number of same products offered by other brands.

3) Quality –  Most of the products by Patanjali are of an excellent quality and fulfill their claims. Great quality at an affordable price has made these products stand out in the market.

4) The desi feel –  Be it any product from Patanjali, it has a very desi appeal to it. The whole experience of using it is desi. From the fragrance, to the ingredients, to the packaging, the name and hindi text is desi in nature.

You can like Patanjali, you can dislike it, but you sure cannot ignore it.

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  1. I have bought Patanjali honey a couple of times but I am certain that the honey is not pure as claimed. That has put me off Patanjali.

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