10 Must Have Non-Baby Essentials for New Moms

During pregnancy, you must have made several arrangements for your baby’s arrival. The baby’s clothes, wipes, diapers, carry cot, crib, bathing chair, baby shampoo, soap, oil and a dorzen of other items must have occupied ample space in your house even before the baby’s came herself. Inspite of the several shopping lists and trips you made, you must have still been wondering if anything was left out. (If you are already a mom, you know how much you have spent on items you did not even use once) But have you made any arrangements for the new mom was is due on the same day as the baby? There are a few things a new mom must have, most often no one tells her about this. So here are a few things you need to add to your shopping list for the new mom:

1. Breastfeeding Essentials

A first time mom can take tad bit of time to get acquainted with breastfeeding. A few products available in the market are sure to make breastfeeding easy. These include soothing gel pack, absorbent breast pad, lanolin cream, nipple shields, flanges, nursing cover and nursing bras.

2. Post birth recovery- kit

No one usually tells a to-be-mom that she would have to ditch her girlie panties and opt for over sized granny panties which have a huge maxi-pad tucked in. Such panties are extremely comfortable for the first few weeks postpartum when the bleeding is heavy. Keep these ready and handy to avoid last minute shopping. Disposable panties are another convenient option for the first few days postpartum.

3. Corset 

In India tying a cloth around the new Moms belly is an age old custom. It is believed that tying a cloth around the belly helps reduce belly fat, tones the stomach muscles, promotes good posture and protect the internal organs. A contemporary alternative to a cloth is a corset. However, using a corset that is too tight may lead to rashes, itching, skin allergies, excessive bleeding due to pressure on the uterus and other complications. It is best to get the doctor’s approval before using a corset.

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4. Power supply

You would need batteries for almost everything initially- for the magical sleep inducing sway, vibrating- musical seat, the little crib side sheep which emits noise, etc. Having a good amount of batteries would help you in trying everything new.

5. Any kind of help 

You are your baby’s hero and are going to remain so even if you take some help. It could be some help to burp the baby, or to take care of the other household chores, to calm the wailing baby when you are tired. You need it, you ask for it. It could be help from your partner, your mother, even your maid. Make yourself comfortable, to make the baby even more comfortable.

6. Vision for night

The first night with our baby at home,we did not have a dim light in the room and slept with bright lights on. SO just plug in some nightlights in your room and the other parts of your house.

7. Medical kit 

An emergency medical kit is also very important for the new moms. You would definitely not like to make frantic trips to drugstores for buying these. Keep a kit including thermometer, pain killer,  infant-pain reliever, saline nose-drops, nose- suction equipment as well as other important medical necessities handy.

8. Liquid power

After delivery, you would feel thirstier than ever. Breastfeeding makes you feel thirsty and keeping yourself hydrated is of utmost importance for postpartum recovery and better lactation. You would even be shedding water-weight which you might have added during pregnancy. In most cultures a 40 days confinement period is followed, the mother is not allowed to step into the kitchen as well. If that is case, having a set of easy to clean reuseabke bottles is a good option. Even if you are allowed to enter the kitchen of your house, having water bottles will help you keep a track of the quantity of water you must drink.

9. Cable subscription

Are you not the TV kinds, like me? Well things are about to change! Your new-born can be up at any hour for any duration, so if you don’t want to be staring at the ceiling fan all concesutive nights, Netflix or the television set is not a bad option.

10. Snacks

I was told by every new mum I knew, breastfeeding makes you feel hungry. I did not believe it, unless I experienced it. It’s a good idea to stock up your favourite chips, some healthy cookies, fresh fruits, nuts and other snacks you like.


The above essentials are must haves for new moms to make parenting an easy experience. Stock up the essentials and enjoy with your little one!

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