10 Make Up And Beauty Hacks Every Busy Mom Must Know

You know you are a mom when taking a quick shower is on your to-do list. Taking time out for regular salon visits, elaborate beauty treatments is not quite feasible with kids around. But I believe that beauty makes you feel good on the inside, so taking a few minutes out against all odds isn’t a bad idea. Here is a list of time-saving hacks to bring out the glamorous you within a few minutes.

Rub ice before you apply make up

Heading outdoors with the baby for long hours? Be prepared for having little or absolutely no time for touch up. Rub a cube of ice on your face a minute before you apply make up, for it last all day long. Rubbing ice also makes the large pores on the face appear small.


Ditch the nail paint

I have been to several parties and outing with chipped nail paint. Only another mom would comprehend how pressed for time could I have been, to have not been able to take those coloured patches off my nails. I have now chosen to go nail-free on my fingers and toes. That way I never have to worry about chips or getting tired of a colour.

Get an eye lash curler

Curling my lashes instantly wakes up my I-need-more-sleep kind of mom eyes. You can apply a thin coat of mascara on your curled lashes to make your eyes look bright and awake. I dislike how too many coats of mascara make the lashes look false and sticky.

Try a home pack

Haven’t been able to get a facial or a beauty treatment for long? Try a traditional home face pack to get an instant glow on your face. This is how you can make my favourite one:

Take two tablespoons of gramflour, add a spoonful of yogurt, a pinch of turmeric and whole milk to make a smooth paste. Apply it all over your face and neck and allow it to dry. Once dried, scrub it off and wash your face thoroughly. Rub a cube of ice on your face and apply your favourite moisturiser.

Use a stick foundation

It was only after my son was born that a stack foundation became my favourite make up product. It eliminates the need to use a concealer, unless there are prominent marks you need to cover. I have been using a moisturiser and Bobbi Brown stick foundation in shade 3.5 and absolutely nothing else on my face.

Borrow you baby’s oil

I have been using my baby’s oil to remove make up within a minute. Take a few drops on a cotton ball to get rid of the waterproof liner and mascara instantly. Using baby oil to gently massage the under eye area, before bed, reduces the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles.


Wear bold lips

Wearing a bold lip colour instantly boosts the confidence. A bold lip colour puts the who look together even if you have applied minimum make up.

Consider a low maintenance hair cut

I would rather say embrace your natural hair. The need to iron or blow dry the front fringes will only add to your getting ready time. Incase you have to skip that step you will leave home feel disappointed. I fell in love with the waves in my hair and that was very helpful.

Invest in double duty products

I use a moisturiser with SPF, so I do not have to apply two different products on my face. If you use a tinted moisturiser with spf, that would combine three skin steps into one. I use an eye shadow palette for my eyes and filing my brows. You can also use it to cover grey hair if you have any.


Plan ahead of time

Lay out your clothes the night before. If you are travelling with your baby, get the diaper bag and other baby things ready the night before, so you can find sometime to get ready.

Incase you feel too tired to get out of the bed and get ready or are completed to eliminate steps from your routine, remember you are not alone. However there is another day and another time when you can take more time to get ready.


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