10 Best Jobs for Work at Home Moms After Pregnancy

Each of women after pregnancy bends towards staying at home to take care of their babies. The reason of such confinement often lies in their thoughtfulness about their own health and family. Whatever it might be, this is an era of advanced technology.

In this period, digitalization has made it comfortable for us to think about working at home. These opportunities are really helpful for every new and old mom to facilitate their home management. Below is a compilation of 10 jobs suitable for moms after pregnancy. Go through these and again get involved in jobs to get rid of monotony.


1. Data Entry Specialist:

While staying at home, new moms can opt for jobs such as data collector, data entry administrator, data entry clerk, data typist, or data entry operator. You can also convert word files to pdf format.
So, there is also the opportunity for file conversion job. Here is the opportunity to work on your flexible hours.

2. Writer/Editor:

If you have passion for writing or publishing industry, you can switch on to writing articles. There are also platforms for creative writers like poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. If you are willing to write blogs, you can utilize your creativity to earn some money while staying at home. There are many publications, which seek for editors and freelance/contractual writers. If you think you are eligible for this, go ahead to apply for such jobs. You can establish yourself as proof-reader, editor, copy-editor, content editor, and quality assurance tester etc.
Another option for new moms is self-publishing. And this is a good idea to market your creative skill. You can also write e-newsletters for certain companies. There is also the opportunity for product description writers or reviewers.


3. Tutor:

If you consider yourself as a good fit for teaching, you can teach students at your home during your off-time. Just keep in mind your background in education.
You can concentrate on a single subject. Or if you think you can teach multiple subjects, your opportunities are doubled. There are many organizations, which require online teachers through audio or video format.
Prepare for your ground in presenting yourself- your skill, voice, and appearance. You would be thus able to polish up your own knowledge by scattering those among the students. You can also teach musical instruments at your home on your flexible hours. You can establish yourself as a dance teacher.
If you are interested in painting, you can set up an institution where students can gain knowledge how to flourish their art. Moreover, there are certain creative skills like knitting, gardening, singing, and interior designing etc. You can provide information on these topics.

4. Web Search Evaluator:

Flexible job hours are available for new moms at home to work as web search evaluator, internet search reviewer, social media evaluator, and search engine evaluator. If you are skilled in technology and computer knowledge, you can be a good fit for this job.
Through your passion for searching on various topics, you can support and revitalize the search engine optimization.

5. Translator:

Bilingual skilled people are in a great demand. And for those, translation job is the ideal one. Besides, you can earn a handsome amount by translating pieces from other languages. Generally, as the international language, English is on the zenith.
Often, markets demand for translators to translate from other languages to English. There are also other options for the national & international basis. In this respect, you can opt for the jobs such like interpreter, captioner, telephone interpreter, video interpreter, and language analyst.

6. Transcriptionist:

Stay-at-home-moms can opt for jobs like insurance transcription, medical transcription, data transcribers, audio transcriptionist, captioning assistant, and video captioner.
If you can facilitate the industry with bilingual skills, your employment opportunity is enhanced a lot. The most interesting factor is that these jobs are available in various sectors like health, law, insurance, and entertainment etc.

7. Telephone Interviewer:

New moms can work from their home at their own flexible hours as research interviewer, telephone data collector, interviewing associate, research assistant, and market researcher etc.
There are many organizations, which offer such works in part-time or contractual basis. There are also opportunities for work-from-home at duration selected by candidates. You can also conduct online surveys to get paid. There are certain companies, which pay their surveyors competitive rates for their product reviews and taking surveys on the whole.
Also as a tele-caller, you would be required to fulfill a target audience. And this is very common in the marketing industry. It is often known as indirect marketing.

8. Coordinator:

To serve as project coordinator, research coordinator, and travel coordinator is very good for women after their pregnancy. They can also contribute the relevant sector as events coordinator, project assistant, sales assistant, office assistant, and recruiting coordinator etc.
These jobs are also found in various categories. So, these are very helpful for new moms for the variety. Such coordinators assist either in the local-based organizational projects or can work online on international basis. There are also numerous health-care programs to be coordinated thus.


9. Consultation Service:

Have you expertise in legal affairs, business management, or designing dresses? Then you can monetize your passion and interest. You can establish your home-office to give details on such topics to your clients. And you can perform such tasks on your flexible hours.
There is no need to go out and seek advice from others. Moms can also start selling their information online by arranging for their own websites. As this is an era of technology & management, many clients seek for online facilities. Thus, you would be capable of spreading your business to a wide variety of audience. You can double your chances by arranging for discounts and coupon tickets.
If you are an expert in hair-dressing, beauty, and fashion, you can go for the salon service at your home on your comfortable time section. Moreover, there are many controversial issues regarding consumer behaviour and their protection. You can also switch on to providing your information on such topics like consumer awareness and consumer protection law.
If you think you can manage, get certified as a notary signing agent. And you can do this job after having training. There are many such organizations, which offer online courses. Just click to those. And you can enjoy much time with your baby and family.

10. Cover Designing:

There are many publications, which seek for cover designers. And you can do this job online and offline. You can send your clips through your email. You can also use your hardcopies to submit to the relevant postal address.
What you should have is your skill in painting- be it on papers or MS Paint. If you are skilled in photography, you can also use your snapshots to design the covers. You can create covers on MS Publisher file. After that, you can convert it into JPG format, or as required by the publications.
If you have expertise in Photoshop, it would be a bonus. With Photoshop, you can edit the images as per the requirement, e.g. you can adjust the size, color, and contrast.


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This article is written by Priya Nagrale. She is blogger and runs a blog MoneyConnexion. She is mom and working from home from past few years. She guides moms about their Career.

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  1. Great ideas! I used to do data entry and telephone interviewing from home when I was a Uni student – so handy as the hours were so flexible and I only got paid per entry / interview so it worked really well – all depending on how much time I had to spend. I also do some relief teaching now which is really handy too πŸ™‚

  2. Good tips and definitely doable for stay at home mommies. Tutoring reminds me on my high school when I tutored kids in English, Maths etc. I really enjoyed it when they got better grades! X
    Nadine Cathleen | Karateandcaviar.com

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